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High-Scalability Smart Client
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The Problem
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SQL> VARIABLE N1 NUMBER SQL> VARIABLE N2 NUMBER SQL> EXEC :N1 := 1 SQL> EXEC :N2 := 2 SQL> EXEC DBMS_SESSION.SESSION_TRACE_ENABLE(WAITS=>TRUE, BINDS=>TRUE, PLAN_STAT=>"ALL_EXECUTIONS") SQL> SELECT 2 T3.C1, T4.C2 3 FROM 4 T3, T4 5 WHERE 6 T3.C1 BETWEEN :N1 AND :N2 7 AND T3.C1=T4.C1; SQL> EXEC :N2 := 10000 SQL> SET ARRAYSIZE 100 SQL> SELECT 2 T3.C1, T4.C2 3 FROM 4 T3, T4 5 WHERE 6 T3.C1 BETWEEN :N1 AND :N2 7 AND T3.C1=T4.C1; SQL> SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL; SQL> EXEC DBMS_SESSION.SESSION_TRACE_DISABLE; Passing the trace file through tkprof provides a quick analysis, but a lot of useful information is missing from the tkprof output, and in this case what is left is a little misleading. For example: ******************************************************************************** SELECT T3.C1, T4.C2 FROM T3, T4 WHERE T3.C1 BETWEEN :N1 AND :N2 AND T3.C1=T4.C1
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7. Just below where you increment XProp by 150, you can add the code to attach the
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The IL disassembler tool, ILDASM.EXE, is distributed with the .NET Framework SDK and is one of the most popular tools among developers working on .NET-based programs. Virtually every book dedicated to .NET themes at least mentions ILDASM and briefly describes its features. At least half of the ILAsm s power, I think, lies in the fact that the IL assembler and disassembler form a perfectly complementary pair and that the output of the IL disassembler can be fed to the IL assembler. Together, the IL disassembler and assembler form a toolset for serializing and deserializing managed PE files. What you can do with the serialized (text) representation of a managed PE file between disassembling and reassembling is limited by your imagination only. ILDASM is a dual-mode application that is, it can run either as a console or as a GUI application. Two ILDASM command-line options /OUT:<file_name> and /TEXT set the disassembler mode. If either /TEXT or /OUT:CON is specified, ILDASM outputs the disassembly text to the console window from which it was started. If /OUT:<file_name> is specified, ILDASM dumps the disassembly text into the specified file. If neither /TEXT nor /OUT is specified, ILDASM switches to graphical mode.
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Also, for the I C-bus, you can implement and register a device-specific custom hardware provider. The hardware provider will reserve both pins SCL and SDA needed for the bus to prevent other code from using them. To get this, you need to override the GetI2CPins virtual method so that it returns the pin numbers of the two lines: public override void GetI2CPins(out Cpu.Pin scl, out Cpu.Pin sda) { scl = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_PIN10; sda = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_PIN12; }
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Other Types of Nodes
The message router functionality picks up where the channel adapter leaves off. The channel adapter gets the client call from the client to the server, ultimately calling Csla.Server.DataPortal. Recall that every host class (LocalPortal, RemotingPortal, etc.) ends up delegating every method call to an instance of Csla.Server.DataPortal. That object routes the call to a Csla.Server. SimpleDataPortal object, possibly first setting up a transactional context. The focus in this section of the chapter will primarily be on Csla.Server.SimplePortal, as it is this class that implements the message router behavior to call the appropriate methods
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