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Marshaling a delegate as an unmanaged function pointer represents a certain risk. The unmanaged code may cache the received callback pointer for future use. Such a reference cached on the unmanaged side does not count as a live reference to the delegate, so the garbage collector may destroy the delegate before the unmanaged side is done using it as a callback. The calling managed code must take steps to ensure the delegate s survival until interaction with the unmanaged code is complete, such as by storing the delegate reference in a field or in a pinned local variable.
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The Alarm Clock
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Smart data
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Show To/Cc Label: With this option set to ON, you will see a small To or Cc label in your Inbox before the subject. This label shows which field your address was placed in (the default state of this option is OFF).
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End Property #End Region #Region "ICriteria Members" Public ReadOnly Property ObjectType() As Type Implements ICriteria.ObjectType Get Return GetType(MyBusinessClass) End Get End Property #End Region End Class This use of BusinessBase doesn t follow all the same rules as an editable root or child. For example, there s no need for the Factory Methods or Data Access regions and related code, because this object is never persisted like a normal editable object. It is just a fancy container for criteria values that supports data binding, validation, and authorization.
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Uninstalling Offline Silverlight Applications
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As I mentioned earlier, one way to implement a centralized state database is to use the ASP.NET Session object and configure it so that the data is stored in a SQL Server database. If you just want to store arbitrary state data as a single chunk of data in the database, then this is probably the best solution.
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The switch Instruction
2-6. Detect Camera Collision Against Models, Walls, or Terrains
Notice that the Create, Fetch, and Delete operations all use criteria information about the object to be created, retrieved, or removed. A criteria object contains any data you need to describe your particular business object. A criteria object can be created one of three ways: By using the SingleCriteria class provided by CSLA .NET By creating a nested class within your business class By creating a class that inherits from CriteriaBase
The following code shows a pattern for implementing the generic interface. T is the type returned by the enumerator. using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; class MyGenEnumerable: IEnumerable<T> { public IEnumerator<T> GetEnumerator() { ... } Explicit implementation IEnumerator IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() { ... } ... } For example, the following code shows the use of the generic enumerable interface: using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; Substitute actual type for T class MyColors : IEnumerable<string> { string[] Colors = { "Red", "Yellow", "Blue" }; Substitute actual type for T public IEnumerator<string> GetEnumerator() { return new ColorEnumerator(Colors); } Explicit implementation IEnumerator IEnumerable.GetEnumerator() { return new ColorEnumerator(Colors); } }
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