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public class MyHandler : IHttpHandler {
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that uses these controls to bind controls to the error message property and to clear error methods on the PageRequestManager control. You can also design this HTML using the Visual Studio 2005 IDE. When you mouse over the ScriptManager control in the page designer, you ll see a small right-pointing arrow on its top-right corner (see Figure 6-8).
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Visual States. You finally installed the Expression Blend Samples and made use to the Media Behaviors to Play, Pause, and Stop the media. Nice job! If you would like to email me a link to your video project, I would love to have a look especially if you got all creative and deviated from the design instructions provided in this chapter. I d also like to see what you have done with the Easing functions. You can email me at
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The port is deactivated falling edge (Change from high to low) rising edge (Change from low to high) both edges (Any state change) high low
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Facebook App Basics
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Building the Initiation Form Open InfoPath 2007 and select the option to design a new, blank form. The InfoPath design view opens and presents you with a blank form and the Design Tasks tool pane. Click the Controls option and drag two textboxes onto your form. Double-click on the first textbox to bring up its Properties window. On the Data tab, change the Binding Field name to marketingdirectoremail. At the bottom of the Data tab, in the Validation and Rules section, select the Cannot Be Blank checkbox. Click OK to close the window. Repeat the process for the second textbox, but change the Binding Field name to trafficcoordinator.
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[assembly:AssemblyTrademarkAttribute( "Green Dragon is a Trademark of Creative Anarchy, Ltd.")]; [assembly:AssemblyCultureAttribute("")]; // // Version information for an assembly consists of the following four values: // // Major Version // Minor Version // Build Number // Revision // // You can specify all the values or you can default the Revision and Build Numbers // by using the '*' as shown below: [assembly:AssemblyVersionAttribute("1.0.*")]; // Is this assembly exposed to COM [assembly:ComVisible(false)]; // Indicate whether the program elements used comply with the Common Language // Specification (CLS). [assembly:CLSCompliantAttribute(true)]; // Control security settings. [assembly:SecurityPermission(SecurityAction::RequestMinimum, UnmanagedCode = true)]; The attributes in this file are marked with assembly:, which means the attribute target is the assembly. As you can see, you can specify a variety of assembly metadata, such as its version, the associated product, the company that owns the assembly, and so on. To apply attributes to a .NET module, the syntax module: is used, as follows: [module:ComVisible(false)];
Unlike other types of arrays, you cannot fully instantiate a jagged array in a single step. Since a jagged array is an array of independent arrays each array must be created separately. Instantiating a full jagged array requires the following steps: 1. First, instantiate the top-level array. 2. Next, instantiate each sub-array separately, assigning the reference of the newly created array to the appropriate element of its containing array. For example, the following code shows the declaration, instantiation, and initialization of a two-dimensional jagged array. Notice in the code that the reference to each sub-array is assigned to an element in the top-level array. Steps 1 through 4 in the code correspond to the numbered representations in Figure 14-12. int[][] Arr = new int[3][]; Arr[0] = new int[] {10, 20, 30}; Arr[1] = new int[] {40, 50, 60, 70}; Arr[2] = new int[] {80, 90, 100, 110, 120}; // 1. Instantiate top level // 2. Instantiate sub-array // 3. Instantiate sub-array // 4. Instantiate sub-array
bottom right of the artboard. You should have what I have in Figure 5-6.
Caution As mentioned on the Silverlight Toolkit site (, the April 2010 version of the Silverlight Unit Test Framework is in the Experimental Quality Band. Experimental components are intended for evaluation purposes. The main goal of these components is to provide an opportunity for feedback during the earliest stages of development. Unit testing from Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt using MSBuild, feature is having issues with the April 2010 version. As acknowledged by Jeff Wilcox on the reported issue ( .aspx WorkItemId=6054), running unit test using MSBuild is a known issue with no workarounds for April 2010 release and expected to be fixed in the future builds. However, it is important to describe this topic. I have used the November 2009 release of the Silverlight Toolkit for this section to explain this feature. Please read this section as a concept, and continue following the Silverlight Toolkit CodePlex site and Jeff Wicox blog to see updates made in the Silverlight Unit Test Framework to fix this known issue.
Evaluation Stack Types
ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(10, -4, -1)); ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(1, 4, -3)); ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(5, 4, -3)); ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(10, -4, -3)); ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(8, 8, -3)); ocTreeRoot.Add(myModel, Matrix.CreateScale(0.01f, * Matrix.CreateTranslation(10, 8, -3))
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