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Notice that the Available fields box contains a list of the potentially bound fields from the data source: Id and Name. The CslaDataSource control s designer support returns this list by using reflection against the data source object as discussed in 5. You can use this dialog to choose which columns are displayed, to control the way they are displayed, to rearrange their order, and more.
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Working with STL/CLR Containers and .NET Collections
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suspicions they have about the nature or cause of the problems. The more questions you ask, the higher the likelihood these ideas will be shared.
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Common Parameters Influencing Optimizer
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Temporary Tables
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In the end, I decided to go with UIWebView for the markup of all the text. Besides giving me the ability to carefully manage the style and placement of the text on the flashcard, this approach had another benefit. By relegating the markup to a UIWebView instance, I would have the option of working with web design and HTML people to design and implement the flashcards. As it turned out, that s exactly what happened.
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An exception object contains read-only properties with information about the exception that caused it. Table 11-1 shows some of these properties. Table 11-1. Selected Properties of an Exception Object
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With this markup, when the PanLatLong button is clicked, the map will pan to the specified coordinates as shown in Figure 9-8.
Creates a SortedDictionary<TKey, TVal> using the default IComparer<TKey> to sort the keys Creates a SortedDictionary<TKey, TVal> using the specified IComparer<TKey> to sort the keys
The extensible optimizer feature enables you to define special statistics-collection functions used by either the DBMS_STATS package or the ANALYZE command for gathering statistics on domain indexes and columns that are defined with user-defined datatypes. Whenever a column is analyzed that is associated with a user-defined statistics collection function, that user-defined statistics collection function is called to gather statistics on the column.
Because Mary needs to specify the appropriate product manager for the particular CEB, we ll have her start the workflow manually. This first screen in the process of configuring a workflow will be exactly the same for all workflows. The information you provide here is used to create the new workflow instance. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen to continue customizing our new workflow instance. The screen that appears next, shown in Figure 3-4, will be unique to each and every workflow template. While the specific options available on this second screen will be different for each workflow, the general gist of the next screen will be similar. This second screen is used for configuring each instance of the workflow by providing values for the settings the workflow requires in order to execute. In some cases, this will simply be the names of the people to assign tasks to. In other cases, there may be significant additional metadata that must be provided in order for the workflow to process. The ultimate decision for this lies with the builder.
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