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Figure 18-10. The explicit numeric conversions
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<page xmlns:script=""> <components /> </page></script> <script type="text/javascript"> </script> In this case, at runtime, ASP .NET renders the server-side control as a number of statements. The first is a reference to the script library Atlas.js, which will get downloaded automatically. Next is a <script> tag containing any client-side Atlas Script for the page components. Finally, another script tag appears for any JavaScript you may want to use on the page, such as custom actions or transforms. barcode reader free
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Figure 11-5. The top of the Objects and Timeline panel shows you are editing the GradientButtonStyle. how to decode qr code
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AssemblyRefOS; RID Type: 37; Token Type: None; Unused
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When converting from decimal to the integer types, the CLR raises an OverflowException exception if the resulting value is not within the target type s range. Figure 18-13 illustrates the conversion conditions.
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Google Earth
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Figure 11-4. Rectangle with a corner radius of 30 pixels for x and y
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Figure 3-20. The workflow originator is sent an email notifying them that they have been delegated responsibility for a task assigned to an external user. The task created will show that it has been assigned to the workflow originator on behalf of the external user.
Video Calling with FaceTime
<components> <control targetElement="popup"> <behaviors> <popupBehavior id="popupBehavior" parentElement="hoverLink" positioningMode="BottomLeft"/> <floatingBehavior handle="popup" /> </behaviors> </control> <hyperLink targetElement="hoverLink"> <behaviors> <hoverBehavior unhoverDelay="1000" hoverElement="popup"> <hover> <invokeMethod target="popupBehavior" method="show"/> </hover> <unhover> <invokeMethod target="popupBehavior" method="hide"/> </unhover> </hoverBehavior> </behaviors> </hyperLink> </components> </page> </script> You ll see many more demos and discussions of the various behaviors that come with Atlas in 5.
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