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status is initially set to relay binding and will be automatically switched to direct binding a few seconds after the connection has been established. Listing 6-8. Implementation of Console Application Instantiates a Connection Starting with Relay Service using using using using using System; System.ServiceModel; Microsoft.ServiceBus; System.Text; System.Configuration; sample barcode generator
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CHAPTER 22: Social Networking
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[EnableClientAccess()] public class ApressBooksService : LinqToEntitiesDomainService<ApressBooksEntities> { // TODO: // Consider constraining the results of your query method. // If you need additional input you can // add parameters to this method or create additional query //methods with different names. // To support paging you will need to add ordering to the 'Books' //query. public IQueryable<Book> GetBooks() { return this.ObjectContext.Books; } }
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Figure 5-2. The end result of our Activity Designer class is a more visually appealing activity. So, how do we get to Figure 5-2 from Figure 5-1 It actually involves two classes and a few overridden methods, but all in all it s pretty easy. To begin with, we need to declare our Activity Designer class. Listing 5-11 shows this piece. Looking at this code, you ll see that this class is also decorated with an attribute ActivityDesignerTheme. We ll get to that in just a few minutes. Listing 5-11. Declaring an Activity Designer Class for Our Activity [ActivityDesignerTheme(typeof(MacroStripperDesignerTheme))] public class MacroStripperDesigner : ActivityDesigner { The visual appearance of our activity is controlled by three rectangles: The rectangle bounding the entire activity The rectangle controlling the size and placement of the text space The rectangle controlling the size and placement of the image space
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developers. A savvy DBA will want to have at least general understanding of those frameworks and languages. There are a number of ways to keep yourself updated on new technologies and learn how things work. Here are some to consider: Books are a traditional source of knowledge for Oracle DBA. These days more and more books are published, so readers need to do a bit of research to make sure a particular book is a reliable source of high-quality information. Be careful to base your decisions on the quality rather than the number of books published; quantity doesn t automatically translate into quality. The Internet has made it possible to access thousands of articles that people share via blogs, forums, email lists, and other social networks. Just as with books, but to the greater extent, be careful not to trust blindly everything written on the Internet. Always question what you read, even if it comes from a known expert in the field. This chapter, of course, is an exception. Experience is something that a seasoned DBA can never replace with books and other reading. Just as solders develop their skills in battle, DBAs acquire critical skills by managing real database environments. This is the chance to apply the theory in the real life. A personal playground is something every DBA should create for themselves. These days, every workstation or laptop is capable of running a minimal database configuration. Availability of virtualization software makes it even easier; on my laptop with 4 GB of memory and a dual-core CPU, I m able to run up to three nodes in a mini-RAC cluster. Of course, when it comes to real workloads, nothing beats a dedicated lab environment, but you wouldn t believe how much you can learn on a small database environment installed on your laptop.
IUndoableObject Interface
Figure 2-1. Beta decay. Carbon-14 decays into nitrogen-14 by emitting an electron. Neutrons are shown in black, protons in gray. Listing 2-1 shows our native C++ class modeling the atom. Listing 2-1. Modeling an Atom in Native C++ // atom.cpp class Atom { private: double pos[3]; unsigned int atomicNumber; unsigned int isotopeNumber; public: Atom() : atomicNumber(1), isotopeNumber(1) { // Let's say we most often use hydrogen atoms, // so there is a default constructor that assumes you are // creating a hydrogen atom. pos[0] = 0; pos[1] = 0; pos[2] = 0; }
Mouse wheel Support and right-click handling The Printing API ICommand support RichTextArea Clipboard API Network authentication Improved Data Binding ViewBox Keyboard access in Full-screen mode Google Chrome support Right-to-left support Managed Extensibility Framework Offline DRM Fluid UI support Cross-Domain networking made easier Text trimming
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