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For example, the following code removes the event handler for ClassB after the first two times the event is raised, and then lets the program run for another 2 seconds. ... mc.Elapsed += ca.TimerHandlerA; mc.Elapsed += ClassB.TimerHandlerB; Thread.Sleep(2250);
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Notice that each level in the stack must call Complete. If any level fails to call Complete, then the entire transaction is doomed up and down all levels of the call stack.
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references a service provider (Service #2). In this role, Service #1 is equivalent to a service consumer as well, and can reference the UDDI registry for information about Service #2. The communication between the services and the consumer is in the form of XML messages that are qualified according to defined XSD schemas. XML messages are discrete entities that may be transported, rerouted, and referenced at any point along the business workflow. Messages promote higher levels of reliability and scalability because they can be stored, and the services that process the messages can append additional information, which provides for a clear and unambiguous chain of custody across the business workflow. In addition, messages can be queued in the event that a service is temporarily unavailable or backlogged. XML messages are unlike traditional Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs), which do not provide a discrete structure for encapsulating a method request. Traditional RPCs cannot typically be cached or held in a queue to wait for a better time to service the request. Instead, traditional RPCs typically timeout if the receiving component does not respond within the expected length of time. In addition, RPCs are not qualified to a reference schema (although they must conform to type libraries for custom data types). Here lies the first important lesson for developing SOA solutions: The Web services in the solution must be designed to be message-oriented, rather than RPC-oriented. This topic is the exclusive focus of 3.
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Interior Pointers and Pinning Pointers
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CHAPTER 5: Starting with a Game Design Document: A Methodology for Success
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stloc.s <unsigned int8> (0x13). The short-parameter form of stloc. You ve probably noticed that using short-parameter forms of argument and local variable manipulation instructions results in a double gain against the standard form: not only is the parameter 1 byte instead of 2, but also the opcode is shorter.
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We have associated our DEMO_FUNC1 with our demo_statistics type, and we can observe what happens when we change the CPU or I/O cost or the selectivity. Here we use the statistics type purely because it was prepared so that we can simply define the selectivity or cost of execution as the function s parameter. We could do this also by associating/disassociating default selectivity and cost.
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