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Custom Authentication
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In this chapter, I ve focused on the theory behind distributed systems specifically, those based on mobile objects. The key to success in designing a distributed system is to keep clear the distinction between a logical and a physical architecture. Logical architectures exist to define the separation between the different types of code in an application. The goal of a good logical architecture is to make code more maintainable, understandable, and reusable. A logical architecture must also define enough layers to enable any physical architectures that may be required. A physical architecture defines the machines on which the application will run. An application with several logical layers can still run on a single machine. You also might configure that same
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Managed Providers of Data Access
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Figure 8-3. Network design patterns for SOAP message routing
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Returns the numeric value of the operand. Returns the numeric value of the operand subtracted from 0.
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Reference Types
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