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private DynamicRootList() { // require use of factory methods AllowNew = true; } #endregion #region Data Access
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Listing 4-11. Using the % Operator public ref class PlantData { public: static Recordset^ PlantQuery(String^ search) { DBConnection connection; Report(%connection); return connection.Query( search); } }; You can certainly see that the % operator is the managed analog of the & operator for native types. The analogy extends also to the other use of the & symbol to represent a reference. Rather like a tracking handle, you can use % to declare a tracking reference. Like a handle, a tracking reference is updated whenever the garbage collector moves the object it is referencing. Tracking references are somewhat more limited in use than native references. They can be used in function arguments and declared on the stack, but they cannot be declared as a member of a class. They can be used to refer to handles, value types, or value type members, but they cannot be used to refer to objects of reference type directly (as opposed to through a handle). The declaration and assignment to a variable might look like this: int i = 110; int% iref = i; R r; R% r_ref = r; Just like a classic C++ reference, the tracking reference is another reference to the existing object, so if you change the value of the object through the reference and access the object through another means (such as the variable i itself in the foregoing example), the value is changed. There is still only one value. Figure 4-1 shows what s happening in memory.
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Figure 32-2. Selecting the Windows Forms Application template Give your project a name, and click the OK button. The new project will contain two key files. The first is Program.cs. This is the code file that contains the Main method for your program. It will have contents similar to Listing 32-1.
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Because all the methods used in this recipe were listed in whole in the previous code, I won t list them again here.
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If you go to some artists pages in Ping, you can see what music they like in the upper-right corner. In this image, we can see that U2 likes Elbow, TV on the Radio,The National, and more. Click any of the album covers to listen to and even purchase songs from the album.
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} protected override ReadOnlyCollection<IAuthorizationPolicy>ValidateTokenCore(SecurityToken token) { if (token == null) { throw new ArgumentNullException("token"); } SamlSecurityToken samlToken = token as SamlSecurityToken; if (samlToken == null) { throw new SecurityTokenException("Not a SamlSecurityToken."); } if (!samlToken.Assertion.Issuer.Equals( String.Format("{0}", this.solutionName), StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase)) { throw new SecurityTokenException("Not expected issuer."); } return this.innerSamlSecurityTokenAuthenticator.ValidateToken(token); } } } Now insert code on the server to use security credentials as Listing 5-16 shows. Listing 5-16. Insert Security Credential Code into Server Implementations using using using using System; System.Security.Cryptography.X509Certificates; System.ServiceModel; System.ServiceModel.Description;
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These additional members are rarely used in mainstream programming, but the Epsilon property demands a moment of attention. Listing 5-11 contains a demonstration. Listing 5-11. Using the Epsilon Value using System; class Listing 11 { static void Main(string[] args) { float f1 = 0f; float f2 = float.Epsilon / 2; float f3 = float.Epsilon; Console.WriteLine("f2 == f1 {0}", f2 == f1); Console.WriteLine("f3 == f1 {0}", f3 == f1); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } }
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To display the high scores, you need to modify a few methods in the RootViewController.m file. Open RootViewController.m in Xcode and add the code marked in bold in Listing 2-19.
Note For any object of a reference type, all its data members are stored in the heap, regardless of
When doing detailed placement of vector graphics on Blend s artboard, it is sometimes easier to turn off snaplines. The icon for this is located just above the Results panel at the bottom of the Blend IDE.
Initialize with an object-creation expression. In the case of local variables, but not fields, you can simplify the syntax a bit more by having the compiler infer the type in the declaration part on the left. But I ll cover that in the section on local variables in the next chapter.
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