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Code running in one application cannot directly access code or resources from another application. (Doing so could introduce a security hole.) An exception to this rule is the base class library assembly of .NET Framework Mscorlib which is shared by all application domains within the process. Mscorlib is not shared between the processes. Faults in one application cannot affect other applications by bringing down the entire process. Each application has control over where the code loaded on its behalf comes from and what version the code being loaded is. In addition, configuration information is scoped by the application. The following examples describe scenarios in which it is useful to run multiple applications in the same process: ASP .NET runs multiple Web applications in the same process. In ASP and Internet Information Services (IIS), application isolation was achieved by process boundaries, which proved too expensive to scale appropriately it s cheaper to run 20 application domains in one process than to spawn 20 separate processes. Microsoft Internet Explorer runs code from multiple sites in the same process as the browser code itself. Obviously, code from one site should not be able to affect code from another site. Database engines need to run code from multiple user applications in the same process. Application server products might need to run code from multiple applications in a single process. Hosting environments such as ASP .NET or Internet Explorer need to run managed code on behalf of the user and take advantage of the application isolation features provided by application domains. In fact, it is the host that determines where the application domain boundaries lie and in what domain user code is run, as these examples show: ASP .NET creates application domains to run user code. Domains are created per application as defined by the Web server. Internet Explorer by default creates one application domain per site (although developers can customize this behavior). In Shell EXE, each application launched from the command line runs in a separate application domain occupying one process. Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) uses the default application domain of the process to run the script code contained in a Microsoft Office document. The Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) Forms Designer creates a separate application domain for each form being built. When a form is edited and rebuilt, the old application domain is shut down, the code is recompiled, and a new application domain is created.
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Although you can t override the Refresh Data When Opening the File setting, you can undo the refresh, after the file has opened, and before you perform any other tasks. Click the arrow on the Undo button, on the Quick Access Toolbar, and then click to undo any of the listed PivotTable Refresh actions (see Figure 7-3).
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// get an IList and copy the data CopyData(dt, GetIList(source), columns); } The first thing this method does is get a list of column names (typically, the public properties and fields) from the data source. It does this by calling a GetColumns() method (which will be covered later). Next, the target DataTable is checked to ensure that it has a column corresponding to every column name retrieved from GetColumns(). If any columns are missing, they are added to the DataTable: foreach (string column in columns) if (!dt.Columns.Contains(column)) dt.Columns.Add(column); This ensures that all properties or fields from the data source have a column in the DataTable so they can be copied. With that done, all that remains is to initiate the copy of data from the source object to the DataTable: CopyData(dt, GetIList(source), columns); Unfortunately, this is complicated slightly by the fact that the source object could be one of several object types. The GetIList() method sorts that out and ensures that it is an IList that is passed to the CopyData() method. GetIList() looks like this: private IList GetIList(object source) { if (source is IListSource) return ((IListSource)source).GetList(); else if (source is IList) return source as IList; else { // this is a regular object - create a list ArrayList col = new ArrayList(); col.Add(source); return col; } } If the source object implements the IListSource interface, then its GetList() method is used to retrieve the underlying IList. This is typically the case with a DataTable, for instance. If the source object directly implements IList, then it is simply cast and returned. Otherwise, the source object is assumed to be a simple type (such as string), a struct, or an object. In order to return an IList in this case, an ArrayList is created, the source object is added to the ArrayList, and it is returned as the result. Since ArrayList implements IList, the end result is that an IList is returned.
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You can either create a key file directly within the project properties window or use a preexisting key file. Typically, an organization will have a common key file that is used to sign all assemblies created by that organization. This allows the assembly to be installed in COM+ so it is available through Enterprise Services. The project also includes an EnterpriseServicesSettings.cs file. I added this file to the project as a class and simply replaced the class code with the special attributes required by Enterprise Services to define how the assembly should be treated by COM+. Here are the settings in that file: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: [assembly: ApplicationActivation(ActivationOption.Server)] ApplicationName("ProjectTracker20cs Portal")] Description("Project Tracker DataPortal host")] ApplicationAccessControl(false)]
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This book is accompanied by a rich and varied set of example solutions. The sample solutions were built using the production version of WSE 3.0 that was released on November 7, 2005. The code examples are chosen to illustrate complicated concepts clearly. Although Web Services Enhancements are conceptually complicated, this does not mean that they translate into complex code. In fact, the situation is quite the opposite. You will be surprised at how clear and straightforward the code examples are, plus you will find that most WSE-supported functionality can be accessed and administered via declarative policy files that do not require you to write a single line of .NET code.
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The ASP.NET ScriptManager control has a new Boolean property called EnableCdn that if set to true will serve scripts from the Microsoft CDN.
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When executing several commands against the database, do not reuse the same instance of a Command object. Changing parameter values of a Command object is okay, but if the CommandText is changing, you should allocate a new instance of the Command object to the managed heap. This is a cheaper operation than the tear down and build up the Command object has to do when its CommandText changes. Another peculiarity of data reader behavior occurs when there is a need to terminate the processing of the result before you get to the end of the result set. If a loop reads halfway
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Enumerations Underlying Types and Values Bit Flags More About Enums
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