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The Flags entry can have only those bits set that are defined in the enumeration CorTypeAttr in CorHdr.h except the tdForwarder flag, reserved for exported types (validity mask: 0x00173DBF). [run time] The Flags entry cannot have the sequential and explicit bits set simultaneously. [run time] The Flags entry cannot have the unicode and autochar bits set simultaneously. If the rtspecialname flag is set in the Flags entry, the Name field must be set to _Deleted*, and vice versa. [run time] If the bit 0x00040000 is set in the Flags entry, either a DeclSecurity record or a custom attribute named SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurityAttribute must be associated with the TypeDef, and vice versa. [run time] If the interface flag is set in the Flags entry, abstract must be also set. [run time] If the interface flag is set in the Flags entry, sealed must not be set. [run time] If the interface flag is set in the Flags entry, the TypeDef must have no instance fields. [run time] If the interface flag is set in the Flags entry, all the TypeDef s instance methods must be abstract. [run time] The visibility flag of a non-nested TypeDef must be set to private or public. [run time] If the visibility flag of a TypeDef is set to nested public, nested private, nested family, nested assembly, nested famorassem, or nested famandassem, the TypeDef must be referenced in the NestedClass entry of one of the records in the NestedClass metadata table, and vice versa. The Name field must reference a nonempty string in the #Strings stream.
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model (which is also typically just a database table lookup), LDAP servers, Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), and many other security data stores.
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Figure 9-7. Using a cell reference for an OLAP-based pivot table
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Tip One more set of activities that bears looking into before you begin developing your own are those available on Microsoft s Workflow site: In addition to hosting an ever-growing library of activities this site is an invaluable resource to activity and Workflow developers. Check it out, contribute some ideas or code, and keep checking back. It s well worth the effort.
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Figure 5-45. The running application will function just like a physical Newton Cradle.
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We re making significant investments in the Entity Framework such that as of .NET 4.0 the Entity Framework will be our recommended data access solution for LINQ to relational scenarios.
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tion in the drop-down list.
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Serializing a graph involves three abstractions: an object representing the root of the graph, a stream, and a formatter. The object specifies what should be serialized. Unless you apply the attribute NonSerialized or implement ISerializable, all fields of a serializable type will be serialized. The stream represents the medium into which a graph should be serialized. All stream implementations mentioned in the previous chapter can be used. The formatter defines the format in which an object is serialized into a stream. The FCL provides two formatter implementations as follows: System::Runtime::Serialization::Formatters::Binary::BinaryFormatter and System::Runtime::Serialization::Formatters::Soap::SoapFormatter. For real-life applications, BinaryFormatter is preferable. It is faster, more compact, and can serialize more kinds of types. From the name SoapFormatter, you might conclude that the serialized document is interoperable across platforms, since SOAP is a protocol for interoperable message exchange. However, this conclusion is wrong. You should use the type SoapFormatter only if you want a human-readable, text-based format, as in the sample application that follows, which serializes a Person object to the console s output stream. // FCLSerialization.cpp // build with "cl /clr:safe FCLSerialization" using namespace System; #using <System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.dll> using namespace System::Runtime::Serialization::Formatters::Soap; [Serializable] ref struct Person { String^ Name; [NonSerialized] int Age; }; int main() { Person^ p = gcnew Person(); p->Name = "Bruce"; p->Age = 57; SoapFormatter^ sf = gcnew SoapFormatter(); sf->Serialize(Console::OpenStandardOutput(), p); } If you execute this application, the following output will appear on the screen: <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:clr=""
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You will create a method that loads an asset into a Model variable, initializes its Bone matrix array, and saves the global BoundingBox into the Tag property of the Model.
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You follow the same approach to find the number of indices inside the IndexBuffer, because you know one int occupies 4 bytes.
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Listing 6-20. Common Use of timeval, with gettimeofday
Flowchart is a new type of workflow that makes it easier to model certain types of problems, particularly those that return back to previous activities. Prior to WF4 this could be achieved by using a while loop but flowchart workflows offer a more intuitive approach. We will create a flowchart workflow to simulate a customer s age being checked.
s Caution Use care when configuring your server, because bad things can happen when it s configured
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