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Association and initiation forms, while serving distinct purposes within the workflow lifecycle, are typically lumped together because they both are utilized before a workflow is begun. These forms are the first grouping in our functional breakdown of Workflow forms. Association forms are used by administrators when they make a workflow available on a particular list, document library, or content type. Figure 7-4 shows an example of an association form. The function of these forms is to allow the administrator to specify parameters to customize a workflow including listing the names of participants who will be assigned tasks. Initiation forms are similar to association forms, except that they are utilized when an instance of the workflow is kicked off for a particular document or list item. Quite often, data collected from the association form is used to set default values for fields on the initiation form. The initiation form can either allow editing of these default values or won t allow editing. Figure 7-5 shows a sample of an initiation form.
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You ll begin by creating a schema project. You ll create the necessary flat file schema that will help to parse your .csv file. After a successful build, you ll add a second project to the solution and build the appropriate pipelines.
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class FlagsTest { static void Main(string[] args) { // combine enum values to represent a mix of products MyProducts productMix = MyProducts.Apples | MyProducts.Bananas; // print out the product mix Console.WriteLine("Products: {0}", productMix); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } This example uses the logical OR operator to combine values from the enum defined in Listing 17-1 and print out a string representation to the console. You can find more information about combining enum values in 9. The output from this code is as follows: Products: Apples, Bananas Press enter to finish If I remove the attribute from the enum and run the previous code again, I get the following results: Products: 6 Press enter to finish You can see that the Flags attribute changes the string representation created by the ToString method. You can learn more about string representations of objects and values, and how to format them, in 16.
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Add a new class to the project called AzureDataServiceContext and add the following using directives: using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure;
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between the scene and the light. You will need to add a render target as well as two texture variables: one to store the distances and one black image you ll use to reset the other one: RenderTarget2D shadowTarget; Texture2D shadowMap; Texture2D blackImage; Initialize the render target and the black image in your LoadContent method: shadowTarget = new RenderTarget2D(device, width, height, 1, SurfaceFormat.Single); blackImage = new Texture2D(device, width, height, 1, TextureUsage.None, SurfaceFormat.Color); Next, go to your GenerateShadingMap method. This method is used to blend the lighting contributions of all lights together into one texture using alpha blending. This can no longer be done, because you ll need to generate a new shadow map between two blending operations. Otherwise, this would result in the shadow map being blended into the shading map. Instead of alpha blending, you ll save the shading map after each light has added its lighting contribution. To begin with, erase the shading map by using the black image: private Texture2D GenerateShadingMap() { shadingMap = blackImage; for (int i = 0; i < NumberOfLights; i++) { RenderShadowMap(spotLights[i]); AddLight(spotLights[i]); } return shadingTarget.GetTexture(); } For each light, first the RenderShadowMap method is called, which will store the shadow map for that light in the shadowMap variable. Based on this shadow map, the light will add its lighting contributions to the shading map. The shadow map should contain the distances as seen by the light. Therefore, for each light you should define View and Projection matrices. Extend your SpotLight struct so it can store these: public struct SpotLight { public Vector3 Position; public float Strength; public Vector3 Direction; public float ConeAngle; public float ConeDecay; public Matrix ViewMatrix; public Matrix ProjectionMatrix; }
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Sometimes, you can carry the notion of showing instead of telling one step further than a good icon and graphically depict a sample of a button or control s action directly on the control. Our design for Postage used this technique repeatedly when presenting the user with a stylistic or creative choice. Figure 7-16 shows the buttons that apply image effects to a postcard s photo. Each button uses the same icon image on the button to give a sample of the exact effect that the button will apply. Even though each button is labeled with text, we could not really rely on that description to convey the nature of each expressive effect. By showing a sample of the effect on each button it was possible for us to convey much more meaning in the same amount of screen real estate as an effective finger-sized target. It s important to note that the effectiveness was increased by using the same source image (in this case, a beachside palm tree) for each button. In this way, the user can quickly see the original image on the Normal effect button while each successive effect button such as Sepia or Contrast is applied to the same reference image for comparison. A further refinement of this idea would have been to use the user s actual photo as the image on each button. In this case, the users would be seeing an even clearer representation of the effect on their own photos. While this choice might have been even better, we decided not to do so because of the performance implications. A few of the image effects in Postage require a decent amount of pixel processing. On firstgeneration iPhone and iPod Touch hardware, the creation of the button images could have delayed the responsiveness of the interface, so we choose to work with a static prerendered image instead.
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Figure 34-9. Configuring the TextBox controls
0.33 *11 35 3.67 35 38.67
By organizing the various files into folders and related namespaces, the project is far easier to understand. There s an additional Diagrams folder in the code download, containing many of the diagrams (or pieces of them at least) used to create the figures in this book.
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