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if (z < height - 1) { for (int x = width - 1; x >= 0; x--) { terrainIndices[i++] = x + (z + 1) * width; terrainIndices[i++] = x + z * width; } } z++; } return terrainIndices; } The GenerateNormalsForTriangleStrip method that adds normal data to your vertices is explained in recipe 5-7, while this CreateBuffers method stores your data on your graphics card: private void CreateBuffers(VertexPositionNormalTexture[] vertices, int[] indices) { terrainVertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer(device, VertexPositionNormalTexture.SizeInBytes * vertices.Length, BufferUsage.WriteOnly); terrainVertexBuffer.SetData(vertices); terrainIndexBuffer = new IndexBuffer(device, typeof(int), indices.Length, BufferUsage.WriteOnly); terrainIndexBuffer.SetData(indices); } Finally, the terrain is rendered as a TriangleStrip in this Draw method: protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime) { device.Clear(ClearOptions.Target | ClearOptions.DepthBuffer, Color.CornflowerBlue, 1, 0); cCross.Draw(fpsCam.ViewMatrix, fpsCam.ProjectionMatrix); //draw terrain int width = heightData.GetLength(0); int height = heightData.GetLength(1); basicEffect.World = Matrix.Identity; basicEffect.View = fpsCam.ViewMatrix; basicEffect.Projection = fpsCam.ProjectionMatrix; basicEffect.Texture = grassTexture; basicEffect.TextureEnabled = true;
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A common misconception is that BizTalk Server 2006 is a stand-alone product. I ve talked with a few developers who were under the assumption that they could simply drop the disc in and go from there. It s a bit of a shock to some when they find out how many other Microsoft products need to be on the box before you can even think about installing the server. We ll take a look at those products and their installation, and then move on to BizTalk installation after you have your computer ready. You should install the following products prior to adding BizTalk to the PC: Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.1 (Windows XP) or 6.0 (Windows 2003) .NET Framework 1.1 (SQL Server 2000) or 2.0 (SQL Server 2005, installed by default) Microsoft Excel 2003 with Service Pack (SP) 2 Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server 2005 (recommended) or SQL Server 2000 with SP4 I m going to assume that you have the operating system installed already. I do want to remind you that if you re on an XP box, you ll need the operating system bumped up to SP2. If you re installing on Windows 2003 Server, you ll need to patch your server with SP1. Service packs are available from the Microsoft Downloads website (
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namespace CloudQueueStorageService_WorkerRole { public class WorkerRole : RoleEntryPoint { public const string PAYLOAD_RESULTS_QUEUE_NAME = "resultspayloadqueue"; public const string PAYLOAD_CREATE_REQUEST_QUEUE_NAME = "createblobrequestqueue"; public const string PAYLOAD_DELETE_QUEUE_NAME = "deleteblobqueue"; public const string PAYLOAD_BLOB_CONTAINER_NAME = "blobpayload"; public const string PAYLOAD_BLOB_SUFFIX = "xml"; public const int UPDATE_TIMEOUT_SEC = 5; private static BlobStorage _blobStorage = null; private static QueueStorage _queueStorage = null; private static BlobContainer _blobContainer = null; private static bool _initialized = false; private static object _syncObj = new Object(); const int POLLING_INTERVAL = 1000;// in milliseconds public void LogLevel(string logStream, string logString) { if (!RoleManager.IsRoleManagerRunning) { Trace.WriteLine(logString); } else {
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When you need to manually invoke n-level undo methods, you ll often want to do so polymorphically, without worrying about the specific type of the business object. This is quite common when building reusable UI code or UI controls and enabling this scenario is the purpose behind the ISupportUndo interface. For example, the CslaDataProvider in the Csla.Wpf namespace uses ISupportUndo to call the n-level undo methods on any object that implements the interface. The ISupportUndo interface defines the three n-level undo methods listed in Table 13-2.
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Using Custom Attributes
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Table 12-2. Long Types Compared to LOBs LONG/LONG RAW Type You may have only one LONG or LONG RAW column per table. User-defined types may not be defined with attributes of type LONG/LONG RAW. LONG types may not be referenced in the WHERE clause. CLOB/BLOB Type You may have up to 1,000 columns of CLOB or BLOB type per table. User-defined types may fully use CLOB and BLOB types. LOBs may be referenced in the WHERE clause, and a host of functions is supplied in the DBMS_LOB package to manipulate them. LOBs do support distributed transactions.
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Ebook Reader
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The N Variant
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Declaring a Generic Method
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In this chapter you looked at the .NET Framework class library facilities for networking. You learned how to use the WebClient class to retrieve data from HTTP servers, how to use the TcpListener, TcpClient, and UdpClient classes to perform connection-oriented and connectionless networking, how to use the Dns class to retrieve DNS information, and how to use the HttpListener class to create a simple web server. You also took a quick tour of the Windows Communications Foundation, which supports C# object and value semantics across networks something that requires a little more work, but makes the resulting program more robust and natural to work with.
Writing graphical user interface (GUI) applications can be complicated because of the nature of the application. It s tedious building a GUI, tedious making that GUI do something useful, and tedious making sure that the GUI is doing the right thing at the right time. Everybody will recommend separating the GUI from the application logic. The idea sounds good, but is very hard to do effectively. Writing a modularized GUI application requires the implementation of several patterns. In this section, I walk you through an example GUI application, a translation program. We ll start with a quick-and-dirty implementation and move on to a pattern-based implementation that can be extended or ported to another platform without major problems.
The relationship between segments, extents, and blocks is shown in Figure 3-1.
Figure 13-4. The anatomy of a foreach loop When using a foreach loop, your code statements are executed once for each item in the array you have specified. Each time the code statements are executed, one item from the array is assigned to the loop variable, using the name that you have specified. In the example, the variable is called str, so I can refer to the current array item using this variable name in the code statement. The items in the array are processed in order, starting with index zero. The code statements will be executed for each array index in turn, including those to which you have not assigned a value, so your code should check for null values if you are working with an array of reference types. The benefit of foreach loops is simplicity if you want to process every item in an array. You don t have to worry about the initializer, condition, and iterator as you do with a for loop. The drawback is that you can t tell the index of the item being processed without tracking it yourself.
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