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The preceding output is interesting in that SID 177 (session 1) was holding a mode 3 lock on object 67165 (T6). The SQL_ID for session 1 is NULL, which would make it difficult to determine the SQL statement that caused the initial enqueue. SID 154 (session 2) was holding a mode 3 lock on the same object, and was attempting to acquire a mode 5 lock on the same object. SID 155 (session 3), which should be waiting on a potential primary-key violation in an enq: TX - row lock contention wait event, if not for the activity of session 1, was instead attempting to acquire a mode 3 lock on object 67165 (session 3 on Oracle attempted to acquire a mode 2 lock). Session 1 was blocking session 2, which was blocking session 3. The SQL_ID for session 2 did not indicate the SQL statement that caused the blocking of session 3. Instead it indicated the SQL statement that caused it to start waiting on the enq: TM - contention wait event. When session 1 eventually committed, the transaction for session 2 (SID 154) or session 3 (SID 155) automatically rolled back because of a deadlock. (Oracle did not force a rollback due to a deadlock; instead session 3 remained hanging on a different enqueue wait event.) On Oracle and, the following deadlock graph was written to a trace file when session 1 issued a COMMIT command: Deadlock graph: Resource Name TM-0001065d-00000000 TX-0009000b-00000db5 ---------Blocker(s)-------process session holds waits 40 155 SX 25 154 X ---------Waiter(s)--------process session holds waits 25 154 SX SSX 40 155 S
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The Format String
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Pulling out these nouns, along with those that are likely to be just data fields (such as project name and employee ID), you can come up with a smaller list of likely business objects, allowing you to start creating a basic class diagram or organizing the classes using CRC cards. Table 6-2 lists the high-level CRC data for each potential object.
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Let s change the map mode to aerial with labels as the default view, and also introduce 3D animation to the map. To change the default map mode, first give the Map element a name (in this example I used map_in_ironruby) so that it can be referenced in the IronRuby code. I ll also apply 3D projection to the Map object. To do that I set the Projection property of the Map object to PlanProjection and set the RotationX property to -20. This transforms the Map object, giving a slightly skewed viewing angle. <Grid x:Name="layout_root" Width="1350" Height="575" Background="Black"> <m:Map x:Name="map_in_ironruby" CredentialsProvider=" Your Authentication Key Goes Here" Width="800" Height="400"> <m:Map.Projection> <PlaneProjection RotationX="-20"/> </m:Map.Projection> </m:Map> </Grid> Notice that I also changed the background of the Grid to black.
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Class References
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Developing an Example
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If you look back at the markup in Listing 11-1, you ll see that lblQuote is contained within the UpdatePanel control s <ContentTemplate> setting. Because the ScriptManager control has enabled partial rendering and because the label is within the UpdatePanel control, this enables the Ajax-style update of the page whenever lblQuote has its text property changed. You can see that there is no explicit coding for a partial-page update. Everything is handled under the hood by the Atlas runtime. You concentrate on building your application, and by wrapping standard ASP .NET controls with an <UpdatePanel>, you can enable the asynchronous functionality. You ll now see what happens when you click the ellipsis button in this page to render the extended price information. You can see from the markup that the button is called btnMore and that it has a click event handler called btnMore_Click. Here s a snippet from the markup as a reminder: <asp:Button ID="btnMore" runat="server" Text="..." OnClick="btnMore_Click" CausesValidation="False" /> This btnMore_Click event handler looks like this: protected void btnMore_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { GetExtendedQuote(TextBox1.Text); } It simply calls a helper function, passing it the contents of the text box containing the ticker information entered by the user. This function looks like this: private void GetExtendedQuote(string strTicker) { companyInfo.CompanyInfoService svc = new companyInfo.CompanyInfoService(); companyInfo.CompanyInfoResult rslt = svc.doCompanyInfo("anything", "anything", strTicker); StringBuilder theHTML = new StringBuilder(); theHTML.Append("<table width='100%' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='0' style='border-width: 0'>"); theHTML.Append("<tr><td width='40%'>"); theHTML.Append("Bid "); theHTML.Append("</td><td width='40%'>"); theHTML.Append(; theHTML.Append("</td></tr>"); theHTML.Append("<tr><td width='40%'>"); theHTML.Append("Ask "); theHTML.Append("</td><td width='40%'>"); theHTML.Append(rslt.ask); theHTML.Append("</td></tr>");
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Miscellaneous Topics Strings Parsing Strings to Data Values Nullable Types Method Main Documentation Comments Nested Types
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simplistic approach is to restrict communication between a Silverlight application and the server that serves it (known as the application s site of origin), as shown in Figure 5-1.
Workflow Throughout the Object Model
Implementing an Adapter
Reference Type Constraints
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