DATATYPES in Objective-C

Make Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C DATATYPES

Figure 6-43. Your new Button should now look like this.
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WPF is the newest UI technology discussed in this chapter, and it is evolving rapidly. Even from .NET 3.0 to 3.5 and from 3.5 to 3.5 SP1, there have been substantial changes to the features provided by data binding in WPF. I expect the changes to continue as WPF rapidly matures toward parity with the features of Windows Forms data binding. WPF data binding is similar in some ways to Windows Forms. Both technologies are rich and interactive, providing immediate, event-driven interaction between the UI and the business objects. WPF supports some of the same data binding interfaces used by Windows Forms, and it has some new ones of its own, most of which are optional or redundant. I ll discuss supporting data binding for a single object first, and then I ll discuss data binding support for collections and lists. I ll wrap up this topic by discussing some custom controls provided by CSLA .NET to simplify the use of data binding in WPF.
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When you load a model into your XNA project using the code explained in recipe 4-1, you will be rendering the model to your scene using a BasicEffect instance. Although this will render the model just fine in simple cases, often you ll want to render the model using a different, custom effect.
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If the delegate declaration s parameter list contains a params parameter, then the params keyword is omitted from the parameter list of the anonymous method. For example, in the following code: The delegate type declaration specifies the last parameter as a params type parameter. The anonymous method parameter list, however, must omit the params keyword. Params keyword used in delegate type declaration delegate void SomeDel( int X, params int[] Y); Params keyword omitted in matching anonymous method SomeDel mDel = delegate (int X, int[] Y) { ... };
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Figure 3-9 shows how data is stored when it is not a member of another type. When it is a member of another type, data might be stored a little differently. The data portion of a reference type object is always stored in the heap, as shown in the figure. A value type object, or the reference part of a reference type, can be stored in either the stack or the heap, depending on the circumstances. Suppose, for example, that you have an instance of a reference type, called MyType, that has two members a value type member and a reference type member. How is it stored Is the value type member stored on the stack and the reference type split between the stack and the heap as shown in Figure 3-9 The answer is no.
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It is good practice to create a custom class with constants for the different control lines, as shown in Listing 5-3, so that a .NET Micro Framework application can be adapted better for different .NET Micro Framework hardware. This class with the separated pin definitions can be easily exchanged for the different platforms. For example, you have a status LED that is wired on one platform to pin 0 and on another to pin 3. If you use MyPins.StatusLED in your program code to address your LED, then you have to change only the value in the MyPins class to adapt your application to other platforms. Other parts of your application code do not need to be touched. Listing 5-3. A Class for Separating the Pin Definition public static class MyPins { public const Cpu.Pin StatusLED = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin0; public const Cpu.Pin UpButton = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1; public const Cpu.Pin DowButton = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin2; public const Cpu.Pin Ser1Rx = Cpu.Pin. GPIO_Pin9; public const Cpu.Pin Ser1Tx = Cpu.Pin. GPIO_Pin10; } For example, instead of passing the GPIO pin directly to the constructor of OutputPort, you should use the pin definition class that maps your device s user interface to the pin definitions of your platform. Each platform may have its own pin layout. The first GPIO pin might be on one platform at pin 0 and on a different platform at a different pin (e.g., pin 3). The constructor of OutputPort accepts the pin number as Cpu.Pin. The MyPins class allows you to change the pin numbers at a central place, so you can reuse your code for different hardware platforms: OutputPort outputPort = new OutputPort(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin0, true); // bad OutputPort outputPort = new OutputPort(MyPins.StatusLED, true); // good The most important methods of OutputPort are Write and Read. The Write method controls the port state, and Read returns the current state, which is the state that was last set. The Port class implements the IDisposable interface with the Dispose method. Since the OutputPort class inherits from Port, you can manually free the resources that were allocated for a port by calling the Dispose method, without waiting for the garbage collector to call the finalizer when freeing the object. The garbage collector disposes of the object only if the object is no longer referenced from any part of your code.
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Note Many people have a mental block about generating statistics outside some sort of official window, and I
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<Deployment.ExternalParts> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> <ExtensionPart Source="" /> </Deployment.ExternalParts> </Deployment>
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Using the Excel Table feature makes it easier to maintain the source data for a pivot table. In an Excel Table, if you add rows or columns, the new data is automatically included when you update the pivot table. If you base a pivot table on unformatted source data, new rows or columns may not be detected, and you would have to manually adjust the source data range each time new data is added, or create a dynamic range in the Name Manager. Or, you might forget to adjust the source data range to include the new data, and the pivot table could then show inaccurate results. If you add columns to an Excel Table, column headings, such as Column1, are automatically added for you. This feature ensures you won t see errors caused by blank heading cells if you try to create or update a pivot table based on the Excel Table. You can change the default column headings to something more descriptive, if you prefer. Another advantage of using a formatted Excel Table is this: the column headings remain visible when you scroll down the worksheet. This makes identifying the columns easier as you work in a large Excel Table. When the heading row is no longer visible on the worksheet, the column headings are displayed in the column buttons at the top of the worksheet. An Excel Table s heading cells contain drop-down lists that let you quickly and easily sort and filter the data in the table. This feature can help you review the data before creating a pivot table or when troubleshooting a pivot table. For example, you can sort the values, to quickly spot the highest and lowest amounts in the table, or you can filter the data to view one region s sales records.
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Figure 3-12. Variable initializers
A reference defined as a non-static field can only be accessed via an instance of that type. Therefore, it is a non-root reference. A reference defined as a static field of a managed type is a root reference because managed code can access it directly (via the static type s name not via another object). In addition to static and non-static fields, managed code also allows you to place references on the stack (e.g., via parameters or local variables). For a basic understanding of the GC process, it is sufficient to assume that references on the stack are root references, too. However, I will soon refine this statement. Objects that are neither directly nor indirectly reachable via any of the current root references are no longer needed by the application. If a root reference refers to an object on the managed heap, the object is still reachable for the application s code. If a reachable object refers to other objects, these objects are reachable, too. Determining the reachable objects is a recursive process because every object that is detected to be reachable can cause other objects to be reachable, too. The root references are the roots of a tree of reachable objects hence the name root references. Such a tree of objects is often called object graph.
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