13: Partitioning in Objective-C

Integration datamatrix 2d barcode in Objective-C 13: Partitioning

Overview of Compilation and Execution
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The IDataErrorInfo Interface
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The Digi Connect ME device was the first .NET Micro Framework device with an Ethernet network adapter and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack on board (see Figure 2-5). The Digi Connect Wi-ME (see Figure 2-6) is the current wireless model supporting 802.11b WLAN. The next-generation product Digi Connect Wi-ME 9210 will support 802.11b/g, and support for .NET Micro Framework is expected in late 2008. The Digi Connect Wi-ME 9210 module is built on a 32-bit ARM9-based Digi NS9210 processor running at 75 MHz with integrated 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet interface, on-chip AES accelerator, Flexible Interface Modules (FIMs), and power management capabilities. The module will also support up to ten shared GPIOs, external interrupt requests (IRQs), SPI, and I2C. The next-generation version of the Digi Connect ME, called Digi Connect ME 9210, is based on the same Digi NS9210 processor and will support the same peripheral interfaces as
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6 parallel_level => 4 ); 7 end; 8 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Here we asked to run our task "PROCESS BIG TABLE" which points to our chunks. The SQL statement we want to execute is "begin serial( :start_id, :end_id ); end;" a simple call to our stored procedure with the ROWID range to process. The PARALLEL_LEVEL I decided to use was four, meaning we ll have four parallel threads/processes executing this. Even though there were 209 chunks, we ll only do four at a time. Internally, this package uses the DBMS_SCHEDULER package to run these threads in parallel. Once our task starts running, it will create four jobs; each job is told to process the chunks identified by the key value "PROCESS BIG TABLE" and run the stored procedure SERIAL against each chunk. So, these four sessions start and each reads a chunk from the DBA_PARALLEL_EXECUTE_CHUNKS view, processes it, and updates the STATUS column. If the chunk is successful, the row will be marked as PROCESSED; if it fails for any reason or if a given chunk cannot be processed, it will be marked as PROCESSED_WITH_ERROR and other columns will contain the detailed error message indicating the cause of the error. In either case, the session will then retrieve another chunk and process it and so on. So, eventually these four jobs will have processed all of the chunks and the task will complete. If any of the chunks failed, you can correct the underlying cause of the error and resume the task. This will cause it to reprocess the failed chunks. When all complete successfully big_table%ORA11GR2> select * 2 from ( 3 select chunk_id, status, start_rowid, end_rowid 4 from dba_parallel_execute_chunks 5 where task_name = "process big table" 6 order by chunk_id 7 ) 8 where rownum <= 5 9 / CHUNK_ID ---------590 591 592 593 594 STATUS -------------------PROCESSED PROCESSED PROCESSED PROCESSED PROCESSED START_ROWID -----------------AAAXZ0AAEAAAAKAAAA AAAXZ0AAEAAAAsAAAA AAAXZ0AAEAAAAuAAAA AAAXZ0AAEAAAAwAAAA AAAXZ0AAEAAAAyAAAA END_ROWID -----------------AAAXZ0AAEAAAAZ/CcP AAAXZ0AAEAAAAt/CcP AAAXZ0AAEAAAAv/CcP AAAXZ0AAEAAAAx/CcP AAAXZ0AAEAAAAz/CcP
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Generic types such as BindingList<T> are very powerful because they allow a developer to easily create a strongly typed instance of the generic type. The following defines a strongly typed collection of type string: BindingList<string> myStringList; Similarly, the following defines a strongly typed collection of type int: BindingList<int> myIntList; Since both myStringList and myIntList are of type BindingList<T>, you might think they are polymorphic that you could write one method that could act on both fields. But you can t. Generic types are not inherited and thus do not come from the same type. This is highly counterintuitive at first glance but nonetheless is a fact of life when working with generic types. Since CSLA .NET makes use of generic types (BusinessBase<T>, BusinessListBase<T,C>, etc.), this is a problem. There are cases in which a UI developer will want to treat all business objects the same or at least be able to use the .NET type system to determine whether an object is a business object. In order to treat instances of a generic type polymorphically, or to do type checks to see if those instances come from the same type, the generic type must inherit from a non-generic base class or implement a non-generic interface. In the case of BindingList<T>, the generic type implements IBindingList. So both myStringList and myIntList can be treated as IBindingList types. To provide this type of polymorphic behavior to CSLA .NET business objects, all business base classes implement Csla.Core.IBusinessObject. This, then, is the ultimate base type for all business objects. Here s the code for IBusinessObject: namespace Csla.Core { public interface IBusinessObject { } }
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Once you ve downloaded and run the file, the installer will check whether you have installed Visual C# Express Edition 2005 with Service Pack 1. If you have followed the instructions in the previous section, you shouldn t be getting any error messages. During setup, you will be presented with the Firewall Setup page. Make sure you select the first option, Yes, I wish to select these rules to enable, and allow both suboptions. If you don t, you will run into trouble when connecting to your Xbox 360 or when testing multiplayer games between multiple PCs. Finally, hit the Install button to install XNA Game Studio 2.0.
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First, you ll render the scene, as it is seen by the mirror, into a texture. Next, you ll render the scene as seen by the camera (including the empty mirror), and finally you ll put the texture on the mirror. To render the scene as seen by the mirror, you will want to define a second camera, called the mirror camera. You can find this mirror camera s Position, Target, and Up vectors by mirroring the normal camera Position, Target, and Up vectors over the mirror plane. When you look at the scene through this mirror camera, you ll see the same as what should be displayed on the mirror. Figure 3-24 displays this principle.
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TypeRef Table
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2.3. Sorting a Pivot Field: Sorting Items Left to Right
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