DATATYPES in Objective-C

Integrating ECC200 in Objective-C DATATYPES

Factory Methods
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1.12. Creating the Pivot Table: Using Excel Data on Separate Sheets
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NavigationContext NavigationService
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The Array class s Sort method works great on an array of ints, but what would happen if you were to try to use it on one of your own classes, as shown here class MyClass { public int TheValue; } ... MyClass[] mc = new MyClass[5]; ... Array.Sort(mc); // Declare a simple class.
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This chapter touched upon the basics of garbage collection and handles. You were introduced to a few terms, learned about the common type system, and saw a simple first program in C++/ CLI. You looked closely at the new main function, with a brief preview of the managed array and the for each statement. You also saw how managed and native types can coexist in a single program. In the next chapter, you ll explore many more C++/CLI language features in a broad overview.
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A dependency property is a special type of property that backs a .NET property. The importance of dependency properties lies in the fact that the value depends on multiple sources (which is why it s called dependency property), and therefore, a standard .NET property is not enough. The value of a dependency property might come from data binding, animation, template resources specified in the XAML, styles, or local values. Figure 2-5 shows the precedence of these sources.
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The last major way to instantiate a type is to instantiate the type based on an object instance. This is called cloning an object, or implementing the Prototype pattern. The big picture idea of this pattern is to be able to create a copy of an object that already exists. In .NET, the way to clone an object is to implement the ICloneable interface as shown by the following example (ignore the lack of implementation details for the property TaxMath, which was done for clarity): class SwissTaxationImpl : ITaxation, System.ICloneable { ITaxMath _taxMath; public ITaxMath TaxMath { get {;} set {;} } public Object Clone() { SwissTaxationImpl obj = (SwissTaxationImpl)this.MemberwiseClone(); obj._taxMath = (ITaxMath)((System.ICloneable)_taxMath).Clone(); return obj; }
The receiver component must be up and running to respond to incoming request messages. To illustrate this, the sample solutions include a stand-alone Windows Forms based receiver called StockTraderSoapReceiver. Figure 9-1 shows the Solution Explorer for this solution.
TextWriterTraceListener listener = new TextWriterTraceListener(Console.Out);
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