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Let s look at how to implement this functionality. First, here is the HTML that defines the controls: <input type="text" id="value1TextBox" class="input" /> <span id="validator1" style="color: red">*</span> Text: <span id="value1Label" class="result"></span> The HTML is composed of an Input control, which gives you the text box and a couple of <span> tags. The first span contains the asterisk that will appear when the validation rules trip. The second contains nothing currently, but it will be updated with the valid text for the text box once it has been entered. Now let s look at the Atlas Script that implements this functionality: <script type="text/xml-script"> <page xmlns:script=""> <components> <textBox targetElement="value1TextBox"> <validators> <requiredFieldValidator errorMessage="You must enter some text." /> </validators> </textBox>
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// Invoke obsolete method
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{ public ReadWriteAuthorization(IContainer container) { container.Add(this); } } The ProvideProperty attribute is important. It specifies that ReadWriteAuthorization extends components of type Control by adding an ApplyAuthorization property to them. In other words, when a ReadWriteAuthorization control is on a form, all other controls on the form get a dynamically added ApplyAuthorization property. Figure 10-2 shows a text box control s Properties window with the dynamically added ApplyAuthorization property. The UI developer can set this property to true or false to indicate whether the ReadWriteAuthorization control should apply authorization rules to that particular control. You ll see how this works as the control is implemented. The DesignerCategory attribute is just used to help Visual Studio decide what kind of visual designer to use when editing the control. The value used here specifies that the default designer should be used.
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Remember that the message router pattern implies that CSLA .NET has no reference to any business assembly. Business assemblies are loaded dynamically based on the request coming from the client. Reflection is used to dynamically load the assemblies and to create instances of business objects based on the classes built by the business developer. Using reflection to also invoke the DataPortal_XYZ methods on the objects means that the business developer can write strongly typed versions of those methods. After all, the business developer knows the exact type of the parameters she is sending from the client to the server, and can write data access methods to accept those types. For instance, a DataPortal_Fetch() method may look like this: private void DataPortal_Fetch(MyCriteria criteria) { // load data into object from database } If this method were defined by CSLA .NET, it couldn t use the MyCriteria type because that type is specific to the business application. Instead, the framework would have to define the method using object as the parameter type, as I did in CSLA .NET 1.0. In that case, a business developer must write code like this: protected override void DataPortal_Fetch(object criteria) { MyCriteria crit = (MyCriteria)criteria; // load data into object from database }
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Figure 8-13. Set the values to false for those options that SQL Azure does not support
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#import <CFNetwork/CFSocketStream.h> static void socketCallBack( CFSocketRef s, CFSocketCallBackType type, CFDataRef address, const void *dataIn, void *info ) { SocketController *socketController = (SocketController *) info; if (kCFSocketAcceptCallBack == type) { CFSocketNativeHandle nativeSocketHandle = *(CFSocketNativeHandle *)dataIn; CFReadStreamRef readStream = NULL; CFWriteStreamRef writeStream = NULL; CFStreamCreatePairWithSocket(kCFAllocatorDefault, nativeSocketHandle, &readStream, &writeStream); if (readStream && writeStream) { CFReadStreamSetProperty(readStream, kCFStreamPropertyShouldCloseNativeSocket, kCFBooleanTrue); CFWriteStreamSetProperty(writeStream, kCFStreamPropertyShouldCloseNativeSocket, kCFBooleanTrue);
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The ValidationRules object maintains a list of rule methods associated with an object. It also executes those methods to check the rules, either for a specific property or for all properties. The end result of that process is that descriptions for broken rules are recorded into the BrokenRulesCollection associated with the business object. The BrokenRulesCollection is a list of BrokenRule objects. Each BrokenRule object represents a validation rule that is currently broken by the data in the business object. These BrokenRule objects are added and removed from the collection by ValidationRules as part of its normal processing. The BusinessBase class uses its BrokenRulesCollection to implement an IsValid property. IsValid returns true only if BrokenRulesCollection contains no items. If it does contain items, the object is in an invalid state. The primary point of interest with the BusinessRulesCollection is that it is designed to not only maintain a list of current broken rules but also to provide read-only access to the UI. This is the reason for implementing a specialized collection object that can change its own data but is seen by the UI as being read-only. On top of that, the base class implements support for data binding so that the UI can display a list of broken rule descriptions to the user by simply binding the collection to a list or grid control. Additionally, the implementation of IDataErrorInfo makes use of the BrokenRulesCollection to return error text for the object or for individual properties. Supporting this interface allows WPF data binding and the Windows Forms DataGridView and ErrorProvider controls to automatically display validation error text to the user.
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Time-breakdown statistics (Time Model) make it significantly easier to determine the type of operations that are consuming resources in the database. Key statistics are as follows: DB time: Time spent by all user processes in the database (that is,. non-idle wait time + CPU time). DB CPU: Time spent by all user processes on the CPU, in Oracle code. On most systems, the majority of time will be spent in DB CPU, SQL execute elapsed time, or PL/SQL execution elapsed time (and possibly Java). Time spent in parse and connection management should be low, so if the levels indicate a high percentage of DB time, a problem exists in the relevant area. You can use this data to correlate with Top 5 Timed Events and Load Profile.
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Note Another classical example of the danger of experience is troubleshooting CPU starvation. I know one very
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Caching the Object in Session
Message Objects
Using the System.Windows.Messaging Namespace
Adding Closure Capabilities
breadcrumb control. To start editing the Style once again, all you would have to do is click Template on the breadcrumb control. Now, the newly created Button control, formerly a Rectangle, has all the capabilities of a normal Silverlight Button control, but the difference is that instead of using Silverlight s basic Button Style, it uses yours. Pretty cool, huh You ll give your new Button a little functionality to prove it is just like any other Silverlight standard Button control but before you do, I think it would be good to delve into the XAML and see exactly what Blend did for you under the hood, so to speak.
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