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private static Element getFirstChildElement(Node node) { Node child = node.getFirstChild(); while ((child != null) && (child.getNodeType() != Node.ELEMENT_NODE)) { child = child.getNextSibling(); } return (Element) child; } public static Element getNextSiblingElement(Node node) { Node sibling = node.getNextSibling(); while ((sibling != null) && (sibling.getNodeType() != Node.ELEMENT_NODE)) { sibling = sibling.getNextSibling(); } return (Element) sibling; } }
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class AttributeTester<T> where T : Attribute { public bool TestForPropertyAttribute(Type classType, string propertyName) { PropertyInfo propInfo = classType.GetProperty(propertyName); return Attribute.IsDefined(propInfo, typeof(T)); } public T GetPropertyAttribute(Type classType, string propertyName) { PropertyInfo propInfo = classType.GetProperty(propertyName); return Attribute.GetCustomAttribute(propInfo, typeof(T)) as T; } public string[] GetModifiedProperties(Type classType) { IList<string> resultList = new List<string>(); PropertyInfo[] props = classType.GetProperties(); foreach (PropertyInfo pi in props) { if (Attribute.IsDefined(pi, typeof(T))) { resultList.Add(pi.Name); } }
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The need for another object an Assignment object is clear. This object s responsibility is to assign a resource to a project. Figure 3-4 shows an updated diagram, including the changes thus far. However, we re still not done. The Assignment class itself just became overly complex, because it s used within two different contexts: from the list of resources assigned to a project, and from the list of projects to which a resource is assigned. This is typically problematic. Having a single object as a child of two different collections makes for very complicated implementation and testing, and should be avoided when possible. Beyond that, think about its responsibility in the diagram in Figure 3-4. Assignment is now responsible for assigning a resource to a project and for associating a project with a resource. When used from ProjectResources, it has the first responsibility, and when used from ResourceAssignments, it has the second responsibility. Sure, the responsibilities are similar, but they are different enough that it matters. There s also an issue with data. A Project object uses the ProjectResources collection to get a list of resources assigned to the project. This implies that the Assignment object contains information about the resource assigned to the project. Yet a Resource object uses the ResourceAssignments collection to get a list of projects to which the resource is assigned. This implies that the Assignment object contains information about the project to which the resource is assigned. The fact that both behavioral and data conflicts exist means that the object model remains flawed. There are two possible solutions. You could combine the list objects (ProjectResources and ResourceAssignments) into a single list of Assignment objects, or you could have two different objects representing assignments. To resolve this, you need to think about the different behaviors that are required when approaching the concept of assignments from Project and from Resource.
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Caution Do not include the Grand Total rows or columns, or they will be colored as the highest values.
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Business Objects
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X.509 Certificate Support
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Explicit Conversions and Casting
2.16. Using Report Filters: Filtering for Future Dates
In the dialog box that is displayed, select the JScript File template, and enter a name for the file. In this example, the name AJAXBook.js was used, but you may call it anything you like (see Figure 3-4).
The object model has a RoleList object, responsible for providing a read-only list of role data. It also has a Roles object, responsible for editing the list of roles in the application. Although these two objects have very distinct responsibilities, they do have a point of interaction that should be addressed. Though not required by any use case from a user, the RoleList object can, and probably should, be cached. The list of roles won t change terribly often, yet the RoleList object will be used frequently to populate UI controls and to validate data from the user. There s no sense hitting the database every time to get the same data over and over. You ll see how to easily implement the caching in s 17 and 18, but first, there s a design issue to consider: what happens when the user edits the list of roles using the Roles object In such a case, the RoleList object will be inaccurate.
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