Long Types in Objective-C

Maker DataMatrix in Objective-C Long Types

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Listing 4-5. The System.Threading.Timer Class namespace System.Threading { public sealed class Timer : MarshalByRefObject, IDisposable { public Timer(TimerCallback callback, object state, int dueTime, int period); public Timer(TimerCallback callback, object state, TimeSpan dueTime, TimeSpan period); public bool Change(int dueTime, int period); public bool Change(TimeSpan dueTime, TimeSpan period); public void Dispose(); } } When creating a timer, the timer callback method is passed via the callback parameter. Using the state parameter, you can pass any object that holds additional information or data. The object is handed over to the callback method when it is called. If you do not need this functionality, simply specify null. The class has two constructors, which differ in the way the time span is specified. The first possibility is to pass the time interval directly as number of milliseconds. Alternatively, you can pass the time interval as an instance of the System.TimeSpan class, which describes an interval also. The parameter dueTime describes the delay to the first call of the timer callback method. A value of 0 milliseconds, or TimeSpan.Zero, causes the timer method to start immediately. The value 1, or new TimeSpan(-1), deactivates the Timer class instance. That means the method will never be executed. The period parameter indicates on what time interval the method is to be called again and whether the call is repetitive. A value of 1 milliseconds, or new TimeSpan(-1), causes the method to be called only once. The timer method is not executed from the same thread in which the timer was created and started. It is executed from a thread in the thread pool. Calling the Dispose method will stop a timer and free its reserved resources, for example, the used thread from the thread pool, for other usage. The code example in Listing 4-6 creates a timer that calls the OnTimer method immediately after creation and then calls it every 500 milliseconds. Between the calls of the OnTimer method, the program, or more exactly the microcontroller, is in sleep mode and uses nearly no energy. Listing 4-6. Using Timers using System; using Microsoft.SPOT; using System.Threading; namespace TimerSample {
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To ensure that all pages in the site have the same basic layout, navigation, and authentication options, a master page is used. The master page provides these consistent elements, and all the rest of the pages in the site are content pages. This means they fit within the context of the master page itself, adding content where appropriate.
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6-7. Add HLSL Per-Pixel Lighting
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All display components descend from the UIElement class (see Listing 11-17) in the Microsoft. SPOT.Presentation namespace. This class has properties common for all elements, for example, those to manage the visibility and size of an element, and provides methods for rendering and arrangement. Then there are the shapes and controls. Shapes are simple shapes like a line, polygon, rectangle, and ellipse, and they inherit from the abstract Microsoft.Presentation. Shapes.Shape class. Controls are elements that allow you to configure their appearance with background and foreground brushes as well as fonts. Controls can be divided into into the following three categories: Static controls: Static controls, like the Text and Bitmap controls, do not contain child elements. Content controls: Content controls such as the Border and ListBoxItem can contain exactly one child that fills the controls area. Panels: Finally, the panel controls, such as the Canvas and Panel components, can contain several child elements. Panels are responsible for positioning and laying out their child elements. Figure 11-21 shows the class hierarchy of the WPF display elements.
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You may be wondering if, like the Hello type in the previous chapter, you could also have created Atom as a value type. If you only change ref to value and recompile, you get an error message that states value types cannot define special member functions this is because of the definition of the default constructor, which counts as a special member function. Thanks to the compiler, value types always act as if they have a built-in default constructor that initializes the data members to their default values (e.g., zero, false, etc.). In reality, there is no constructor emitted, but the fields are initialized to their default values by the CLR. This enables arrays of
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