DATATYPES in Objective-C

Render Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C DATATYPES

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Figure 3-24. Mirroring principle After you have stored this result in a texture, you ll render the scene as seen by the normal camera and put the texture on the mirror using projective texturing, which makes sure the correct pixel is mapped to the correct position on the mirror. This approach can fail if there are objects between the mirror camera and the mirror itself. You can solve this problem by defining the mirror plane as a clip plane, so all objects behind the mirror are clipped away.
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The event handler functions in Listing 6-10 track only the first touch. You re more than welcome to track more by creating arrays, but I chose not to do that in this example. Being event handlers, the touch information stored in Listing 6-10 can change at any time. Accessing the information inside the Work or Draw function isn t safe, as the event handlers can change it at any time during a frame. To be safe, take a snapshot of the touch information. Immediately after the code in Listing 6-10 and before drawView, add the code shown in Listing 6-11.
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Assembly (Assembly Identity, Prime Module Only) ModuleRef (Other Modules of the Same Assembly)
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CHAPTER 10: Snow Reports for the iPhone
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} You must define the class, which includes making it serializable, giving it a name, and having it inherit from BusinessBase. The Business Methods region includes all member or instance field declarations, along with any business-specific properties and methods. These properties and methods typically interact with the instance fields, performing calculations and other manipulation of the data based on the business logic. I have included examples for the two most common types of property declaration. The first example uses a private backing field, which you declare directly in code: // example with private backing field private static PropertyInfo<int> IdProperty = RegisterProperty(typeof(EditableRoot), new PropertyInfo<int>("Id")); private int _Id = IdProperty.DefaultValue; public int Id { get { return GetProperty(IdProperty, _Id); } set { SetProperty(IdProperty, ref _Id, value); } } This approach performs better than the alternative, but does require slightly more complex code. Additionally, if you intend on using CSLA .NET for Silverlight to create a Silverlight version of your application, this approach will require extra coding to support that environment.
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ate a pivot table from the source data.
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Further Reading
As I have done throughout this chapter, I want to emphasize the tie-in between Indigo technology and today s technology. The Indigo Port object is equivalent to a WS-Addressing construct called the endpoint reference. In 9, I discussed endpoint references, which are equivalent to the <service> element in the WSDL document, and which provide both addressing and binding information for a Web service. Listing 10-4 provides an excerpt from the StockTrader WSDL document showing how the <service> and associated <binding> tags work together to document the location of a service, and the operations that it provides.
Caution XAML is case sensitive. Since XAML is a dialect of XML, it possesses all of the characteristics of XML. Most importantly, all element names, property names, and so on, are case sensitive. Button is not the same as button. However, this does not necessarily apply to property values, which are handled by Silverlight s XAML parser.
When the += operator is used, the C++/CLI compiler generates IL code that calls Delegate::Combine to combine both delegates and assigns the result to the left-hand side of the operation. In a similar way, the -= operator calls Delegate::Remove to remove a delegate from the invocation list of a multicast delegate. When a multicast delegate like dCombined is invoked, both targets are invoked sequentially. The return value and output arguments of a multicast invocation are determined by the last invocation; however, you should not make assumptions about the invocation order. If you are interested in the outcome of every single invocation, call the helper function GetInvocationList, which the delegate type inherits from its base class, System::Delegate. GetInvocationList returns an array of single-cast delegates one for every target of the multicast delegate.
Using a for Loop
Note You can immediately transform the normal from tangent space to world space, because the
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