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Before we move on, there s one last bit of work that this region must include. Project is a parent object that has a collection of child objects, and so the default behavior for IsValid and IsDirty from BusinessBase won t work.
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With the opacity parameter, you select whether an entire bitmap will be rendered transparent, opaque, or something between. In contrast, the MakeTransparent method enables you to select a transparent color to draw, for example, the ball image with a transparent background. The MakeTransparent method accepts a color value. When rendering such a bitmap, each pixel of that color will not cover the underlaying pixels of the destination image that it s drawing on. For the ball image, we will obtain the color of the top-left corner pixel and choose it as the transparent color (see Listing 11-8). Listing 11-8. Selecting a Transparent Color ScreenMetrics metrics = ScreenMetrics.GetMetrics(); Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(metrics.Width, metrics.Height); Bitmap soccerBall = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.SoccerBall); //make background of the ball transparent //using the color of top left corner pixel soccerBall.MakeTransparent(soccerBall.GetPixel(0, 0)); bmp.DrawImage(100, 50, // destination coordinates soccerBall, // source image 0, 0, // source coordinates soccerBall.Width, // source width soccerBall.Height, // source height Bitmap.OpacityOpaque); // opacity bmp.Flush(); The .NET Micro Framework does not support modifying images of the Bitmap type after you create them. If you embed an image resource in your application from a bitmap file, calling the MakeTransparent method for such an image will cause an error. With JPEG images, you will not get an exception, but the image will not be rendered transparently. With GIF images, the system behaves as expected. Therefore, if using a bitmap or JPEG resource, you need to create a copy of the image and then make it transparent (see Listing 11-9). The best option is to use GIF images and then make them transparent by selecting one transparent color. Listing 11-9. Using a Transparent Background with Bitmap or JPEG Files Bitmap soccerBall = Resources.GetBitmap(Resources.BitmapResources.SoccerBall); // create a copy Bitmap soccerBallTransparent = new Bitmap(soccerBall.Width, soccerBall.Height); soccerBallTransparent.DrawImage(0, 0, // destination coordinates soccerBall, // source image 0, 0, // source coordinates soccerBall.Width, // source width soccerBall.Height, // source height Bitmap.OpacityOpaque); // opacity //make background of the ball transparent //using the color of top left corner pixel soccerBallTransparent.MakeTransparent(soccerBallTransparent.GetPixel(0, 0));
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You can use Private backing fields for any field value required by your object. However, when it comes to storing references to child objects, I strongly recommend using managed backing fields. I ll discuss storing child references later in the chapter, because they are relatively complex. If you choose to store child references in Private backing fields, then you ll have to deal with all that complexity yourself. On the other hand, a managed backing field takes care of everything automatically. As with many features of CSLA .NET, you can choose which technique suits your needs best. In general, I typically use managed backing fields and switch to Private backing fields only when dealing with large collections of objects where performance is a bigger issue.
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Custom control register directive User control register directive
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will cause is justified by the ability to show that multiple things went wrong. My advice is to avoid using this type unless using a single exception would cause more confusion than using AggregateException.
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So there you have it: a brand-new workflow, complete with custom forms. Not too bad; give yourself a pat on the back and then let s move on to ASP.NET forms. As you ll see, these are a little harder.
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To get an understanding of what conversions are, let s start by considering the simple case in which you declare two variables of different types, and then assign the value of one (the source) to the other (the target). Before the assignment can occur, the source value must be converted to a value of the target type. Figure 18-1 illustrates type conversion. Conversion is the process of taking a value of one type and using it as the equivalent value of another type. The value resulting from the conversion should be the same as the source value but in the target type.
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Consider this PL/SQL procedure: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t 2 as 3 select * 4 from all_objects 5 where 1=0 6 / Table created. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create or replace procedure p 2 as 3 begin 4 for x in ( select * from all_objects ) 5 loop 6 insert into t values X; 7 commit; 8 end loop; 9 end; 10 / Procedure created. That PL/SQL code reads a record at a time from ALL_OBJECTS, inserts the record into table T and commits each record as it is inserted. Logically, that code is the same as: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create or replace procedure p 2 as 3 begin 4 for x in ( select * from all_objects ) 5 loop 6 insert into t values X; 7 commit write NOWAIT; 8 end loop; 9 10 -- make internal call here to ensure 11 -- redo was written by LGWR 12 end; 13 / Procedure created. So, the commits performed in the routine are done with WRITE NOWAIT and before the PL/SQL block of code returns to the client application, PL/SQL makes sure that the last bit of redo it generated was safely recorded to disk making the PL/SQL block of code and its changes durable.
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You can install multiple image files to a device. All image files that contain an application have an entry point that describes where to start executing your application code.
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