NLS Overview in Objective-C

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Secure Web Services with WS-Security
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Preventing Duplicate Values
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Count Item[int] Item[GUID]
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The previous two sections explained explicit covariance and contravariance. There is also a situation where the compiler automatically recognizes that a certain constructed delegate is covariant or contravariant and makes the type coercion automatically. That happens when the object hasn t yet had a type assigned to it. The following code shows an example. The first line of Main creates a constructed delegate of type Factory<Animal> from a method where the return type is a Dog object, not an Animal object. In creating this delegate, the method name on the right side of the assignment operator doesn t yet have a type, and the compiler can determine that the method fits the type of the delegate except that its return type is of type Dog rather than type Animal. The compiler is smart enough to realize that this is a covariant relation and creates the constructed type and assigns it to the variable. Compare that with the assignments in the third and fourth lines of Main. In these cases, the expressions on the right side of the equals sign already have a type and therefore need the out specifier in the delegate declaration to signal the compiler to allow them to be covariant. class Animal { public int Legs = 4; } class Dog : Animal { } class Program { delegate T Factory<out T>(); static Dog MakeDog() { return new Dog(); } static void Main() { Factory<Animal> animalMaker1 = MakeDog; Factory<Dog> dogMaker = MakeDog; Factory<Animal> animalMaker2 = dogMaker; Factory<Animal> animalMaker3 = new Factory<Dog>(MakeDog); } } This implicit coercion implementing covariance and contravariance has been available without the in/out keywords since before C# 4.0. // Base class // Derived class
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description=".NET Framework Data Provider for Microsoft SQL Server ..." type="Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Client.SqlCeClientFactory, Microsoft...." /> </DbProviderFactories> </> <system.web> If you want to use a new or third-party provider with the Provider Factory, you must register it in configuration using the DbProviderFactory element. You can make this entry in the machine.config, or if you only plan to use the provider from a specific application, you can enter into the web.config. The other method on DbProviderFactories returns an instance of DbProviderFactory. This type exposes eight factory methods for creating instance of connections, commands, parameters, and whatever other objects you need for interacting with your database. Here, you create an instance of the SQL Server Managed Provider factory and use it to execute a parameterize query against the database using the generic types served by the DbProviderFactory. (You can find this code in UseFactory.aspx of Web10.) protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { DbProviderFactory factory = DbProviderFactories.GetFactory("System.Data.SqlClient"); DbConnection cn = factory.CreateConnection(); cn.ConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings ["localPubs"].ToString(); DbCommand cm = factory.CreateCommand(); cm.Connection = cn; cm.CommandText = "select * from authors where [state] = @state"; DbParameter pm = factory.CreateParameter(); pm.ParameterName = "@state"; pm.Value = "CA"; cm.Parameters.Add(pm); GridView gv = new GridView(); cn.Open(); gv.DataSource = cm.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection); gv.DataBind(); form1.Controls.Add(gv); } The code listed previously generates the Web Form displayed in Figure 10-5. Notice the types you re using aren t SQL Server-specific. You re not using a SqlConnection object; you re using a DbConnection object. There is a whole set of these new types in the System.Data.Common namespace. They re created by the factory to represent a specific provider, but expose a generic type and programming model to the developer using the types (see Table 10-7).
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The ret Instruction
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Figure 4-5. Showing the icon and tool tip for a new system tray application
Explicit Numeric Conversions
ASP.NET is Microsoft s unified platform for web development, ranging from static HTML pages through to richly interactive interfaces powered by Silverlight. There are a lot of individual technologies in ASP.NET that are rolled together to create a truly all-embracing and wide-reaching web platform. In this book, you will look at three aspects of ASP.NET, all of which are related to creating interactive web applications. The first is Web Forms, which is a general-purpose user-interface toolkit for creating web applications (this is introduced in 34). 34 also offers an introduction to the Dynamic Data system, which you can use to very quickly create web applications that allow users to view and edit data in a relational database (this is closely linked to the Entity Framework, which is covered in 30). The third ASP.NET technology is Silverlight, Microsoft s answer to Adobe Flash that lets you use your C# skills to create polished and highly-interactive web applications. Silverlight is covered in 35 and is based on another technology called the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) see the Understanding User Interfaces section later in this chapter.
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