DATATYPES in Objective-C

Draw Data Matrix in Objective-C DATATYPES

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Rendering Multiple Lines Using a LineStrip
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When to Say Yes and When to Say Thanks, I ll think about it.
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You can see that C# is protecting us from a type-safety issue when we call VolvoC30 specific members on a FordFiesta object. But this becomes an inflexible barrier when we want to create classes that operate generic objects with a certain parameterized type value. Listing 15-24 contains such a class. Listing 15-24. A Class That Operates on Generic Objects with a Specific Parameterized Type class CarPrinter { public static void PrintFirstCarDetails(GenericStack<Car> carStack) { Car myCar = carStack.Pop(); Console.WriteLine("Car value popped: {0}", myCar); } } The CarPrinter class has a single static method that calls the Pop method on a GenericStack<Car> and prints out some information on the popped Car object. But we have a problem. We can t convert from a GenericStack<VolvoC30> to a GenericStack<Car>, even though the CarPrinter class doesn t prevent any risks to us. Here is an example of the problem: // create a GenericStack<T> using the derived type GenericStack<VolvoC30> volvoStack = new GenericStack<VolvoC30>(); // push a data item into the stack volvoStack.Push(new VolvoC30()); // print the details of the first item in the stack CarPrinter.PrintFirstCarDetails(volvoStack); // this statement won t compile The last statement won t compile. We have three choices at this point. We can redefine the PrintFirstCarDetails method in the CarPrinter class so that there is an implementation that works with each and every class that we derive from Car, but this requires us to modify the CarPrinter class each time we derive a new class, thereby defeating one of the main benefits of object programming. A better solution would be to make CarPrinter a generic class and use a parameterized type constraint, like this: class CarPrinter { public static void PrintFirstCarDetails<T>(GenericStack<T> carStack) where T : Car { Car myCar = carStack.Pop(); Console.WriteLine("Car value popped: {0}", myCar); } } There is a third solution; it is known as type variance.
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UndoableBase Class
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Let s take a look at the code you ll use from the page s Load event to generate the code for the callback. Remember that earlier you programmed list B to call a function named GetAddress when the list entry changes. Here s the server-side code to programmatically generate that client-side function: this.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock (this.GetType(), "Callback", "function GetAddress() { " + GetAddressInvocation() + " }", true); And here s the code for GetAddressInvocation, called from the fourth argument in the preceding line of code: private string GetAddressInvocation() { return Page.GetCallbackEventReference (this, "document.all.ddlListB.value", "DisplayAddress", "\"context\""); }
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In your XNA code, don t forget to set all the XNA-to-HLSL variables: expEffect.CurrentTechnique = expEffect.Techniques["Explosion"]; expEffect.Parameters["xWorld"].SetValue(Matrix.Identity); expEffect.Parameters["xProjection"].SetValue(quatMousCam.ProjectionMatrix); expEffect.Parameters["xView"].SetValue(quatMousCam.ViewMatrix); expEffect.Parameters["xCamPos"].SetValue(quatMousCam.Position); expEffect.Parameters["xExplosionTexture"].SetValue(myTexture); expEffect.Parameters["xCamUp"].SetValue(quatMousCam.UpVector); expEffect.Parameters["xTime"]. SetValue((float)gameTime.TotalGameTime.TotalMilliseconds);
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do so, but having multiple permissions pertaining to the same resource can only create pain for the system administrators, who must then keep an eye on all alternative doors leading to the resource. As a matter of practical advice, don t make system administrators any unhappier than they already are; it might cost you.
Figure 8-11. Add a new class to the SLVideoPlayer01 project.
Adding the Content Pipeline Namespace to Your Using Block
Coordination Data Structures (CDS) and Threading Enhancements
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