INDEXES in Objective-C

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Tip You may be prompted by the Windows firewall when you first run this example. You should ensure that access to private networks in enabled, as shown in Figure 21-2.
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Managing SQL Performance
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Figure 8-4. The game in the iPhone simulator
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Figure 7-13. The master page viewed using the designer
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Class Body Declarations
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// Create an instance of the Web service proxy StockTraderProxy serviceProxy = new StockTraderProxy(); // Retrieve the Web Service URI from app.config serviceProxy.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings["remoteHost"];
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The template shown here is for the most common scenario: a read-only root collection. You can adapt this to provide a read-only child collection if desired.
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Everything I ve talked about to this point is part of a logical architecture. Now it s time to move on and see how you can apply it in various physical configurations.
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Out-of-Band Callbacks
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Step 1: Disassemble existing DLLs
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