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This means that, in general, you can expect similar performance characteristics from the DataSet and business objects. However, business objects are often actually more lightweight than the ADO.NET DataSet object. This is because business objects are specific to the data they contain, and don t need to retain all the metadata required by the DataSet object. Better yet, business objects provide access not only to the application s data, but also to its business logic. As discussed in 1, business objects can be thought of as smart data. They encapsulate the business logic and the data so that the UI doesn t need to worry about potential data misuse. Overall, business objects provide the high-scalability characteristics of the DataSet, without the overhead. They offer a better use of database connections than the data reader, though at the cost of some performance in certain situations. When compared to both other technologies, business objects enable a much higher level of reuse and easier long-term maintenance, making them the best choice overall.
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Copying your application to the device Upgrading firmware Creating and updating device keys Signing code Setting network parameters and USB names Use via a UI or automatically via the command line or programmatically
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Of the three UI technologies discussed in this chapter, ASP.NET Web Forms has the fewest requirements on business objects. In fact, it imposes no specific requirements on your objects or collections at all. Any object with properties can be bound to controls in a page. Any collection, list, or array that implements IEnumerable (the most basic of all collection interfaces) can be bound to list controls on a page. In short, it just works.
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Typically, scripting languages are interpreted. What this means is that each time the scripting source is read, it is evaluated before executing. To optimize execution time, you can compile some of that source such that future executions are faster. That is where the Compilable interface comes into play. If a specific scripting engine also implements Compilable, then you can precompile scripts before execution. The compilation process involves the compile() method of Compilable, and returns a CompiledScript upon success. As shown in Listing 9-4, execution of the compiled script is now done with the eval() method of CompiledScript, instead of the ScriptEngine.
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Reads row N. Sum = . . . Reads row 342,023, sees $100.00, and presents final answer. Commits transaction. ---
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Now you have rendered the thumbnail image and related reflected image. What you need to do is to add them within the StackPanel control, add the stack panel to the thumbsPanel stack panel, and adjust the scroll viewer area (as explained earlier) to display the latest image with its reflection. StackPanel sp = new StackPanel(); sp.Children.Add(thumbImage); sp.Children.Add(reflectedImage); thumbsPanel.Children.Add(sp); The following is a complete code snippet of the sourceVideo_MouseLeftButtonDown event: private void sourceVideo_MouseLeftButtonDown (object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { WriteableBitmap snapShot = new WriteableBitmap(sourceVideo, null); Image thumbImage = new Image(); thumbImage.Height = 90; thumbImage.Margin = new Thickness(2, 0, 2, 0); thumbImage.Source = snapShot; WriteableBitmap reflectedShot = new WriteableBitmap(sourceVideo, imageTransform); Image reflectedImage = new Image(); reflectedImage.Height = 90; reflectedImage.Margin = new Thickness(2, 0, 2, 0); reflectedImage.Source = reflectedShot; reflectedImage.OpacityMask = lnrGradBrush; StackPanel sp = new StackPanel(); sp.Children.Add(thumbImage); sp.Children.Add(reflectedImage); thumbsPanel.Children.Add(sp); scrollArea.UpdateLayout(); double scrollPos = thumbsPanel.ActualWidth; scrollArea.ScrollToHorizontalOffset(scrollPos); } Rebuild and run the project. Now you should be in a position to capture the frame from the playing video as an image and produce the reflection of the image at run time, as shown in Figure 4-3.
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