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This code produces the following output. The first four lines are the result of both handlers being called twice, in the first two seconds. After you removed the handler for ClassB, only the handler for the instance of ClassA was called, during the last 2 seconds. Class Class Class Class Class Class A B A B A A handler handler handler handler handler handler called called called called called called
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All accounts must be audited, and the audit trail must be acted upon when breaches of process and protocol occur. Management must also be considered. The task of securing an Oracle database is not just about fixing technical parameters and settings; it s also about process and people. The correct management processes must be in place to ensure that database accounts are not abused. Security, if done properly, is a time-consuming task, and contrary to popular belief is not simply a case of following hints in a checklist but is a methodical and logical process. If you follow the ideas and principles in this chapter, you will have secure users and privileges within your database. Simply following a checklist will not achieve this because there is no thought process involved and there is no correlation involved.
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The ExportedType metadata table contains information about the public classes (visible outside the assembly) that are declared in nonprime modules of the assembly. Only the prime module s manifest can carry this table. This table is needed because the loader expects the prime module of an assembly to hold information about all classes exported by the assembly. The union of the classes defined in the prime module and those in the ExportedType table gives the loader the full picture. On the other hand, the intersection of the classes defined in the prime module and those in the ExportedType table must be nil. As a result, the ExportedType table can be nonempty only in the prime module of a multimodule assembly: if there are no nonprime modules, then all classes defined by this assembly reside in the prime module itself. In version 2.0, the ExportedType table serves an additional function: it contains so-called class forwarders, which are close conceptually to reexports in the unmanaged world or a postal address forwarding in everyday life. A forwarder indicates to which assembly class such-and-such (which used to reside in this assembly) has been moved. The forwarding mechanism, obviously, allows you to refactor your multiassembly product without the need for all your customers to rebuild their applications. The ExportedType table has the following column structure: Flags (4-byte wide bitfield): Binary flags indicating whether the exported type is a forwarder (forwarder) and the accessibility of the exported type. The accessibility flags we are interested in are public and nested public; other accessibility flags identical to the class accessibility flags discussed in 7 are syntactically admissible but are not used to define true exported types. Other flags can be present in pseudo-ExportedTypes only, which the loader can use to resolve unscoped type references in multimodule assemblies. Some explanation is in order. Any time a type (class) is referenced in a module, the resolution scope should be provided to indicate where the referenced class is defined (in the current module, in another module of this assembly, or in another assembly). If the resolution scope is not provided, the referenced type should be declared in the current module. However, if this type cannot be found in the module referencing it and if the manifest of the prime module carries a identically named pseudo-ExportedType record indicating where the type is actually defined, the loader is nevertheless able to resolve the type reference.
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Use the STR Attribute
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The export table group (in managed and unmanaged modules) consists of five tables: The Export Address table (EAT), containing the RVA of the exported unmanaged functions. The Export Name table (ENT), containing the names of the exported functions. The Name Pointer table (NPT) and the Ordinal table (OT), together forming a lookup table that rearranges the exported functions in lexical order of their names. In special cases when an unmanaged module exports its methods exclusively by ordinal, ENT, NPT, and OT may be missing. Managed modules always export their methods by name. The Export Directory table, containing the location and size information about the other four tables.
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Table 4-2. javax.swing.* Package Sizes Package
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Figure 3-6. The Workflow screen for our document library shows workflows available to be started, as well as information on currently running and completed workflows, if there are any.
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If you sync your information with the iTunes app, then all data will be synced now. If you use MobileMe, Exchange, or another sync process, then you will probably have to reenter passwords on your iPod touch to get those sync processes back up and running.
Before we get into the details of how Oracle implements encryption at rest and how you would go about using it, I want to make one important point about encryption. This point goes to why you are encrypting data in the first place. There is exactly one reason to employ database encryption (encryption of data at rest) and that reason is to protect the data in the event of theft or loss. That s it to protect the data in the event the database itself is stolen. I mention this stress it, in fact because many people think they can or should use encryption for access control. I get this question frequently on It takes the form of comments/questions such as:
END_DELEGATE_MAP() private: void OnChanged(Object^ sender, FileSystemEventArgs^ e) { DumpFile(e->FullPath); } void DumpFile(String^ name) { StreamReader sr(name); Console::WriteLine(sr.ReadToEnd()); } }; int main() { ChangedFileDumper cfd("c:\\tests"); Console::WriteLine("Press enter to stop the application"); Console::ReadLine(); }
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