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// Base introduces the virtual functions f1 ... // ... and f2
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Because you ll want your vertex shader to update the waves each frame, it needs to know the current time; to add reflection to the water, you ll need to know the 3D position of the camera. Finally, you ll add fine ripples by bump mapping the water surface, so you ll need a bump map, together with two variables allowing you set the intensity of the bump mapping and the size of the ripples: float4x4 xWorld; float4x4 xView; float4x4 xProjection; float4 float4 float4 float2 float2 float2 float2 xWaveSpeeds; xWaveHeights; xWaveLengths; xWaveDir0; xWaveDir1; xWaveDir2; xWaveDir3;
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Getting Started with Atlas Maps
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Explicit Method Overriding
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Note You will learn in the next 7 that Silverlight 4 supports the XmlnsDefinition attribute to declare the namespace for custom assemblies. To utilize the DataGrid control, which is part of the Silverlight SDK, you just need to define the namespace xmlns:sdk="" at the user control level to use any SDK control, rather than adding the specific assembly as we added here, xmlns:data="clrnamespace:System.Windows.Controls;assembly=System.Windows.Controls.Data" for the DataGrid control.
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Hosting the Sender and Receiver Applications on the Same Page
Hex Encoding
brfalse Error takes an item from the stack, and if it is 0, it branches (switches the computation flow) to the label Error. ldsfld int32 Odd.or.Even::val ldc.i4 1 and brfalse ItsEven ldstr "odd!" br PrintAndReturn ldsfld int32 Odd.or.Even::val is an instruction that loads the value of the static field Odd.or.Even::val onto the stack. If the code has proceeded this far, the string-to-integer conversion must have been successful, and the value that resulted from this conversion must be sitting in the field val. The last time you addressed this field, you used the instruction ldsflda to load the field address onto the stack. This time you need the value, so you use ldsfld. ldc.i4 1 is an instruction that loads the constant 1 of type int32 onto the stack. Instruction and takes two items from the stack the value of the field val and the integer constant 1 performs a bitwise AND operation and puts the result onto the stack. Performing the bitwise AND operation with 1 zeroes all the bits of the value of val except the leastsignificant bit. brfalse ItsEven takes an item from the stack (the result of the bitwise AND operation), and if it is 0, it branches to the label ItsEven. The result of the previous instruction is 0 if the value of val is even, and it is 1 if the value is odd. ldstr "odd!" is an instruction that loads the string odd! onto the stack. br PrintAndReturn is an instruction that does not touch the stack and branches unconditionally to the label PrintAndReturn. The rest of the code in the Odd.or.Even::check method should be clear. This section has covered all the instructions used in this method except ret, which is fairly obvious: it returns whatever is on the stack. If the method s return type does not match the type of the item on the stack, the JIT compiler will disapprove, throw an exception, and abort the compilation. It will do the same if the stack contains more than one item by the time ret is reached or if the method is supposed to return void (that is, not return anything) and the stack still contains an item or, conversely, if the method is supposed to return something and the stack is empty.
A generic command object, exposing Connection, CommandText, CommandType, a Parameters collection, and Execute methods for sending queries to the database. A generic object that will build the Insert, Update, and Delete Commands for a DataAdapter. A generic Connection object that uses a ConnectionString and Open method to establish communication with any database server. A helper type that abstracts away the details of the syntax of a connection string for a specific provider. A generic DataAdapter for manufacturing DataTables and moving DataSet changes back to the database. A generic Parameter for sending arguments to parameterized SQL statements or to procedures defined within the database.
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