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It also supports the event shown in Table 8-11. Table 8-11. DataRow Events
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You can run ILDasm.exe to view the assembly attributes in an assembly s manifest. For example, if you create a default CLR console application project and view the assembly manifest in ILDasm, you should see something like this in the manifest: .assembly CLRConsole1 { .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.CLSCompliantAttribute::.ctor(bool) = ( 01 00 01 00 00 ) // --- The following custom attribute is added automatically, do not uncomment --// .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Diagnostics.DebuggableAttribute:: // .ctor(bool, bool) = ( 01 00 01 01 00 00 ) .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyTitleAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 0B 43 4C 52 43 6F 6E 73 6F 6C 65 31 00 00 ) // ...CLRConsole1.. .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyDescriptionAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 00 00 00 ) .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyConfigurationAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 00 00 00 ) .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyCompanyAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 04 4D 53 49 54 00 00 ) // ...MSIT.. .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyProductAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 0B 43 4C 52 43 6F 6E 73 6F 6C 65 31 00 00 ) // ...CLRConsole1.. .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyCopyrightAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 17 43 6F 70 79 72 69 67 68 74 20 28 63 29 // ...Copyright (c) 20 4D 53 49 54 20 32 30 30 38 00 00 ) // MSIT 2008.. .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Reflection.AssemblyTrademarkAttribute:: .ctor(string) = ( 01 00 00 00 00 ) .custom instance void [mscorlib]System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComVisibleAttribute:: .ctor(bool) = ( 01 00 00 00 00 ) .permissionset reqmin = {[mscorlib]System.Security.Permissions.SecurityPermissionAttribute = {property bool 'UnmanagedCode' = bool(true)}} .hash algorithm 0x00008004 .ver 1:0:3046:31808 } As you can see, the various assembly attributes and their values are emitted in the manifest. For example, the AssemblyTitle attribute is set to the name of your project, in this case CLRConsole1.
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Figure 6-11. Add a State to your VisualStateGroup.
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The Login control provides an out-of-the-box Web UI for the purposes of credential validation. Beyond offering the traditional UI, the Login control makes use of the specified membership provider to perform validation. Given all of this intrinsic functionality, you are able to build a Login.aspx file with no code whatsoever. Figure 5-13 illustrates an unmodified Login control:
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<asp:UpdateProgress ID="UpdateProgress1" runat="server" />
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applications for oneself, and not for some potential user. You ll end up with a better result for everybody, because you re more likely to put more passion into it if you do it for yourself, and in any case, users are going to look at your application and determine whether it s for them. So the users who end up using your application will be getting a better product. I once gave a presentation on how I envisaged developing and implementing a fairly large workflow solution for Denmark s then-largest advertising agency. I had been briefed by the man in charge, and during the whole presentation, he was shaking his head and looking rather discontented. When I was done, he said, This is not at all what we asked for, but it s exactly what we want! That doesn t mean you shouldn t listen to your users. On the contrary, you can t think of everything users see things and come up with ideas you didn t think of yourself, and that s a great resource that you should definitely tap into.
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The LONG types date back to version 6 of Oracle, when they were limited to 64KB of data. In version 7, they were enhanced to support up to 2GB of storage, but by the time version 8 was released, they were superceded by the LOB types, which we will discuss shortly. Rather than explain how to use the LONG type, I will explain why you do not want to use the LONG (or LONG RAW) type in your applications. First and foremost, the Oracle documentation is very clear in its treatment of the LONG types. The Oracle SQL Reference manual states the following:
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The final major area of functionality provided by the data portal is that it manages context information to provide a level of location transparency between the client and server. Specifically, it allows the business application to pass data from the client to the server and from the server to the client on each data portal call, in addition to the actual call itself. The data portal uses this capability itself in order to pass security and culture information from the client to the server. You ve already seen most of the code that implements the context-passing behaviors. Csla. DataPortal is responsible for passing the client context to the server and for updating the client s context with any changes from the server. Csla.Server.DataPortal is responsible for setting the
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When you import external data to an Excel worksheet, using the commands in the Get External Data group on the Data tab of the Ribbon, a named External Data Range is created for the imported data. If you base the pivot table on this named range, it expands automatically as new records are added, and the pivot table contains all the data.
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