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TIP: Suppose you meet someone at the bus stop someone you want to remember. Of course, you should enter your new friend s first and last names (if you know it), but you should also enter the words bus stop in the Company name field. Then when you type the letters bus or stop, you ll instantly find everyone you met at the bus stop, even if you can t remember their names!
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With the activities configured, configure the project to be signed with a strong name key file and then compile your workflow. After compiling (so you can get the strong name of the assembly), make sure you edit the workflow.xml, feature.xml, and install.bat files, and then go ahead and deploy. If you need a refresher on how to deploy the workflow, jump back to 6. 7 also covers workflow deployment, but in 7 we make use of Workflow forms so things are a little different from what we need here.
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Listing 6-3. The web.config Settings for the StockTraderSecure Web Service Project
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Figure 3-1 shows the concepts of cloud Blob storage. Blob storage access is based on an account. An Azure account can create multiple Blob containers. A Blob container can be understood as a placeholder for a group of Blob storages. Blob storage can have metadata, which can be understood as a collection of header attributes. Blob storage can be partially updated and committed using block objects. Each Blob can own a set of metadata in NameValueCollection string format. The Microsoft specification for blob storage can be found in Appendix A.
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The signature of a generic method differs from the signature of a nongeneric method, described in 8, and has the following structure: <gen_method_sig> ::= <callconv_gen_method> <num_of_type_pars> <num_of_args> <return_type> [<arg_type>[, <arg_type>]*] where <callconv_gen_method> is the method s calling convention ORed with IMAGE_CEE_CS_CALLCONV_GENERIC (0x10) and where <num_of_type_pars> is a compressed number of type parameters of this generic method. The method calling conventions acceptable for generic methods are limited to CALLCONV_ GENERIC possibly in combination with CALLCONV_HASTHIS and CALLCONV_EXPLICITTHIS. The vararg generic methods are not supported, and the nongeneric vararg methods in generic types are not either. The <return_type> and <arg_type> items of a generic method signature can be (or can contain) references to the method s type parameters. Such references have the form {E_T_MVAR, <ordinal>}, where E_T_MVAR = 0x1E and <ordinal> is a compressed zero-based ordinal of the method s type parameter. As you may recall from 11, the references to the type parameters of generic types in signatures have the form {E_T_VAR, <ordinal>}, where E_T_VAR = 0x13. So, you can declare a generic method of a generic class and easily tell a reference to the class s type parameter number N from a reference to the method s type parameter number N. The ILAsm notation for referencing the method s type parameters is !!<ordinal> or !!<name>, where <name> is the name of the type parameter and <ordinal> is the parameter s number (zero-based) in the type parameter list. The generic type s type parameters, as you remember, are referenced in ILAsm as !<ordinal> or !<name>.
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How It Works
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Entry Type
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Specific to a Single User or Job Function
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Tiny Header
Calculating the Six Corner Points for Spherical Billboarding
For example, the following code shows the use and results of the operators: int x = +10; int y = -x; int z = -y; // x = 10 // y = -10 // z = 10
Lambda Expressions
string rst4 = "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft\\"; string vst4 = @"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\"; string rst5 = " Print \x000A Multiple \u000A Lines"; string vst5 = @" Print Multiple Lines"; Printing these strings produces the following output: Hi there! Hi there! It started, "Four score and seven..." It started, "Four score and seven..." Value 1 5, Val2 Value 1 \t 5, Val2 \t 10 C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ C:\Program Files\Microsoft\ Print Multiple Lines Print Multiple Lines 10
This method is virtual, allowing you to add extra steps to the process if needed. Additionally, this means you can override the behavior to implement field-level dirty tracking if desired.
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