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Table 5-3. Some Public System::Array Methods
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As a more general solution, the framework includes a utility class that uses SqlDataReader (or any IDataReader implementation) in such a way that you never have to worry about null values again. Unfortunately, the SqlDataReader class isn t inheritable it can t be subclassed directly. Instead, it is wrapped using containment and delegation. The result is that your data access code works the same as always, except that you never need to write checks for null values. If a null value shows up, SafeDataReader will automatically convert it to an appropriate empty value. Obviously, if you do care about the difference between a null and an empty value, you can just use a regular SqlDataReader to retrieve the data. In this case, .NET 2.0 includes the new Nullable(Of T) generic type that helps manage null database values. This new type is very valuable when you do care about null values: when business rules dictate that an empty value like 0 is different from null.
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VSPixelToFrame VSPixelShader(VSVertexToPixel PSIn) : COLOR0 { VSPixelToFrame Output = (VSPixelToFrame)0; float4 baseColor = float4(0,0,1,1); Output.Color = baseColor*(PSIn.LightFactor+xAmbient); return Output; }
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1. Open Blend 4 and click New
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Visual Studio 2010 enables the user interface development for Silverlight 4 (and Silverlight 3) RIAs and introduces better data binding and WCF RIA services integration with other enhancements to improve the development experience. Silverlight 4 and Windows Phone development tools enable development of interactive Silverlight applications for Windows 7 Mobile Phone series. You can develop high-quality media applications (including integration with video camera and microphone) to multi-touch and motion sensing gaming applications (using XNA framework) for Windows mobile phones. For further details visit
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Now that you have a flat file schema in place, you re ready to build the project with customized pipelines.
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s Note If you re installing BizTalk on a production box, you most likely will not need the development products
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