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The implementation classes whose names end with Cng are implemented using the oddly named Cryptography Next Generation (CNG) Windows API, which is a replacement for the Cryptography API. CNG was added to Windows Vista and won t be available if you deploy your program to earlier versions of Windows. Use the managed versions if you are in doubt about the versions of Windows available. The most widely used hash algorithm is the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). The different versions of the SHA algorithm produce hash codes of different sizes where the number represents the bits of data in the hash code. The SHA-512 hash codes are 512 bits long, for example. The exception is SHA-1, which is the original SHA standard. This has a 160-bit hash code. It is possible that two different pieces of data can produce the same hash code. As a general rule, the longer the hash code is, the less likely it is that this will happen, but the more computation will be required to generate and verify the code. If you are in doubt about which hash algorithm to use, then I recommend SHA-256 as a reasonable balance between security and performance for most projects.
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LocalMachine PerformanceData
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because there is a risk of attacking the wrong SQL statement, in the process wasting significant time and effort with little or no benefit. The verification exercise ideally consists of the following steps: 1. Clearly describe the problem, including the following: a. How the problem was identified (for example, end-user complaints, order system hanging) b. The severity of the problem (for example, orders cannot be processed) c. A description of the steps required to reproduce the issue d. Clear distinction between what is working and what is not working (for example, the order entry form is hanging, whereas the invoice processing is working fine) e. The expected or acceptable behavior f. What has been done so far to rectify the issue (for example, object statistics have been checked, but no anomalies were identified) 2. Generate an isolated test case that reproduces the issue at will and has the following characteristics: a. Covers the inefficient SQL identified b. Is as generic as possible, allowing you to easily transfer the identified issue to Oracle Support if required c. Shows evidence that the statement identified is inefficient (for example, the SQL*Plus timing facility reports that the statement takes 306 seconds to complete instead of expected subsecond execution time)
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5. Add another GotoStateAction to the [UserControl]. 6. With this new Behavior selected in the Objects and Timeline panel, change its EventName
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10. When you see the helper icon appear, click it (or press Control+. (period)) and click Implement
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For example, the following code shows the creation of two types from generic class SomeClass. The code is illustrated in Figure 19-7. One type is constructed with types short and int. The other is constructed with types int and long. // Generic class
Besides classes, you can also apply attributes to other program constructs such as fields and properties. The following declaration shows an attribute on a field, and multiple attributes on a method. [MyAttribute("Holds a value", "Version 3.2")] public int MyField; [Obsolete] [MyAttribute("Prints out a message.", "Version 3.6")] public void PrintOut() { ... // On a field
Thread t = new Thread(runner); t.start();
that will permit some kind of recovery. In this section, I ll show you how to use the System.Net.Sockets.UdpClient class to create a connectionless network program. Listing 21-16 demonstrates using the UdpClient class. Listing 21-16. Using the UdpClient Class using using using using using System; System.Net; System.Net.Sockets; System.Text; System.Threading.Tasks;
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