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In case the cache needs to be flushed at some point, there s also an InvalidateCache() method: public static void InvalidateCache() { _list = null; } By setting the static cache value to null, the cache is reset. The next time any code calls the GetList() method, the collection will be reloaded from the database. This InvalidateCache() method will be called by the Roles collection later in the chapter. Of course, there s also a non-public constructor in the class to enforce the use of the factory method to retrieve the object.
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Caliburn Micro: Another open source project. This one was born from a talk at MIX called Build Your Own MVVM Framework. Extremely lightweight with some great features, including automatically wiring up your View and ViewModels. It also includes automatic event wiring.
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In addition to the previous standard selectors, more modern selectors are also available (browser support may differ, but you are probably safe with IE 7+ and Firefox 3+): Table 12-2. CSS Selectors
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Latch Spinning
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AJAX Libraries Now Hosted by Microsoft
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Adjusting Sounds on Your iPod touch
Note The attack surface is a term used in security circles that refers to the amount of threat you are under
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