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public Company Employer { get { return employer; } set { employer = value; } } } [Serializable] class Company { private string name; private string city; public Company(string nameParam, string cityParam) { name = nameParam; city = cityParam; } public string Name { get { return name; } } public string City { get { return city; } } } In Listing 23-4, the Person class relies on the Company class, so both have been annotated with the Serializable attribute. There are no special steps required when serializing objects that have this kind of relationship. In this example, you would serialize a Person object and the associated Company object would be serialized (and deserialized) automatically. Here is an example of doing this: using using using using System; System.IO; System.Runtime.Serialization; System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary;
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Declaring a Jagged Array
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DerivedClass b = new DerivedClass(); // Instantiate the derived class. b.IdentifyBase(); // Call the inherited method. b.IdentifyDerived(); // Call the "abstract" method. } } This code produces the following output: I am AbClass I am DerivedClass
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A delegate is a reference type and therefore has both a reference and an object. After a delegate type is declared, you can declare variables and create objects of the type. The following code shows the declaration of a variable of a delegate type: Delegate type Variable MyDel delVar; There are two ways you can create a delegate object. The first is to use an object-creation expression with the new operator, as shown in the following code. The operand of the new operator consists of the following: The delegate type name. A set of parentheses containing the name of a method to use as the first member in the invocation list. The method can be either an instance method or a static method.
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namespace AzureForDotNetDeveloper.DotNetService.ServiceBus.WCFServiceLibrary { public interface IAccountFederationClientChannel : IAccountFederationService, IClientChannel { } } 3. Next, we are going to build a console application to host the WCF service. As Listing 5-3 shows, we need to do the following steps to the initialization on the server side. 1. 2. Create a endpoint URI. The URI address for the .NET Access Control Service is sb://[SolutionName]. Define a TransportClientEndpointBehavior instance. This instance takes the user credential information. Currently the .NET Access Control Service accepts three types of credential: Solution Password, Windows CardSpace Information Card, and X.509 Certificates. In this example we use the user name and password for credential information. The user name is the solution name used to create a solution in the cloud via the portal. The password is the password to the solution. Follow the steps shown in Listing 5-3 to construct the transport client endpoint behavior instances. Construct a host instance. The host instance takes the WCF service implementation class type for instantiation. The syntax is as follows and is also shown in Listing 5-3.
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1. Delete the TextBlock and Button from the LayoutRoot. 2. Divide the Grid into two Columns (see Figure 15-13).
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In the polling pattern, the initial thread initiates an asynchronous method call, does some additional processing, and then uses the IsCompleted method of the IAsyncResult object to check periodically whether the spawned thread has completed. If the asynchronous method has completed, the initial thread calls EndInvoke and continues on. Otherwise, it does some additional processing and checks again later. The processing in this case just consists of counting from 0 to 10,000,000. delegate long MyDel(int first, int second); class Program { static long Sum(int x, int y) { Console.WriteLine(" Thread.Sleep(100); return x + y; } static void Main() { MyDel del = new MyDel(Sum);
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Private mResources As ProjectResources = _ ProjectResources.NewProjectResources() The String fields are all initialized to "". By default, the value would be Nothing, but that causes problems with data binding, especially in Windows Forms. It is very important that String type instance fields be initialized to some non-Nothing value.
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Generic types are a new feature in .NET 2.0. A generic type is a template that defines a set of behaviors, but the specific data type is specified when the type is used rather than when it is created. Perhaps an example will help. Consider the ArrayList collection type. It provides powerful list behaviors, but it stores all its items as type Object. While you can wrap an ArrayList with a strongly typed class, or create your own collection type in many different ways, the items in the list are always stored in memory as type object. The new List(Of T) collection type has the same behaviors as ArrayList, but it is strongly typed all the way to its core. The type of the indexer, enumerator, Remove(), and other methods are all defined by the generic type parameter, T. Even better, the items in the list are stored in memory as type T, not type Object. So what is T It is the type provided when the List(Of T) is created. For instance: Dim myList As New List(Of Integer) In this case, T is Integer, meaning that myList is a strongly typed list of Integer values. The public properties and methods of myList are all of type Integer, and the values it contains are stored internally as Integer values. Not only do generic types offer type safety due to their strongly typed nature, but they typically offer substantial performance benefits because they avoid storing values as type Object.
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