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You can add Select Entire PivotTable and Set Print Area buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. Tip
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The Microsoft.Scripting.Silverlight.DynamicApplication Class
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In the Authorization Rules region, there s just the CanGetObject() method for use by UI code. In the Factory Methods region, there s a factory method to return a collection loaded with data. It calls DataPortal.Fetch(), and so there s a Criteria class as well as a Private constructor. This is no different from the classes you ve looked at already. Finally, the DataPortal_Fetch() method loads the object with data from the database. To do this, the IsReadOnly flag is set to False, the data is loaded from the database, and then IsReadOnly is set to True. When IsReadOnly is set to True, any attempt to add or remove items from the collection will result in an exception being thrown. Temporarily setting it to False allows the code to insert all the appropriate child objects into the collection. Also note that RaiseListChangedEvents is set to False and then True in a similar manner. To improve performance, this suppresses the raising of ListChanged events while the data is being loaded.
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You must configure CSLA .NET to use NDCS rather than the BinaryFormatter. Because I believe the opt-out model is better for business object development, the default is to use the BinaryFormatter.
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Once we have created the data model, we need to tell the Windows Forms system that we want to display data using one of the C# classes created by the Entity Framework. In our case, we want the Employee class, since that is used to represent rows in the Northwind Employees table. Select the Add New Data Source item from the Data menu. This will open the Data Source Configuration Wizard. Select the Object option, as shown in Figure 32-19, and click the Next button.
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public: R() { } R(const R% r) { }
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I researched tangrams obsessively and studied what made the game a joy to play. I noted all the different ways the computer versions of the game chose to implement their UIs. Some were better than others, but most failed in one way or another to capture the joy of the physical version of the game. Mouse clicks, shift keys, arrow buttons, and a lot
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The @Override Annotation
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Figure 6-15. Using indexed fields
Now that we ve seen how the type parameter is transformed to a specific type, we can look at how to implement members in a generic class. Listing 15-5 contains the Push method from our GenericStack<T> class. Listing 15-5. A Generic Class Member public void Push(T value) { dataArray[currentPos++] = value; } We can refer to the generic type by using the name we gave to the type parameter, in this case T. The Push method takes an object of the generic type and adds it to the array called dataArray. As you can see in Listing 15-3, dataArray is defined using the type parameter name as well:
After you ve gone through the ten steps, you ll want to add the two custom classes you need in this chapter: the Terrain class containing the code of recipe 5-8 and the TerrainContent class containing all the data required to create a Terrain object from. You can add the first class by importing the class file in your content pipeline project. You will define this last class yourself; for now, add this empty class to your content pipeline project (you ll be adding stuff throughout this recipe): public class TerrainContent { public TerrainContent() { } } With a custom class defined, you need to define a TypeWriter capable of serializing objects of your custom class to a binary file. Add this TypeWriter class to your pipeline project: [ContentTypeWriter] public class CPTerrainTypeWriter : ContentTypeWriter<TerrainContent> { protected override void Write(ContentWriter output, TerrainContent value) { } public override string GetRuntimeReader(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) { return typeof(TerrainTypeReader).AssemblyQualifiedName; } } The first line indicates this class will be a TypeWriter, capable of serializing a TerrainContent object to file. In your Write method, you will define how this should be done. The GetRuntimeReader is called at runtime and informs XNA which TypeReader should be called to deserialize the binary data. However, unlike in recipes 4-15 and 4-16 and as explained in the introduction to this recipe, this time you do not want the binary data to be deserialized into a TerrainContent object but into an object of the Terrain class! You can inform XNA of this by overriding the GetRuntimeType method in your TypeWriter class as well: public override string GetRuntimeType(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) { return typeof(Terrain).AssemblyQualifiedName; } This informs XNA that any data that was serialized from the TerrainContent object should be used to generate a Terrain object at runtime. You are responsible for making your TerrainContent object serialize enough data so a Terrain object can be constructed from it.
Tip Notice that I have used a more convenient constructor for the SqlDataAdapter one that takes the query and the SqlConnection object and so doesn t require me to create a SqlCommand. There are a lot of classes available in the System.Data and System.Data.SqlClient namespaces and lots of convenience constructors to help you put them together in different ways.
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