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key to encrypt the message. When the service receives the message, it will use this certificate s private key to decrypt it. If the service sends a response to the client, it will use the certificate s private key to sign the message. winforms print id card barcode
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Specifies the value to add/subtract from the current value. Defaults to 1. Exact behavior is specified by the inheritor. Defines the highest value possible for this range. Defaults to 1. Defines the lowest value possible for this range. Defaults to 0. Specifies the value to add/subtract from the current value. Defaults to 0.1. Exact behavior is specified by the inheritor. Gets/sets the current value. This property is subjected to value coercion to ensure it stays within range.
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return webRequest; } static T InvokeHttpWebRequest<T>(WebResponse response) { DataContractSerializer serializer = new DataContractSerializer(typeof(T)); using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream()) { return (T)serializer.ReadObject(stream); } } static int InvokeHttpWebRequest (WebResponse response) { using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream()) { }; return (int)((HttpWebResponse)response).StatusCode; } } } Start the host service to listen to the HTTP web request. When the service host starts, it listens to the HTTP web request. ---- Press <enter> key to exit ---Run the test client project. The test results show that the workflow state machine goes through all states, ending with the shopping cart state: ---- Press <enter> key to exit ---WorkflowCompleted. Create a cloud service HostWCFServiceInCloud with a WorkflowsClient_WorkerRole and invoke the state machine workflows from the local cloud fabric. We have the same results as previously. This demonstrates that with the help of HttpWebRequest we can invoke the state machine workflows from the cloud to work around the limitation from the current Azure .NET service state machine workflow. The code for the worker role is shown in Listing 7-12. Listing 7-12. Invoke State Machine Workflows from the Cloud Using Worker Role using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Threading; System.Linq; System.Text; Microsoft.ServiceHosting.ServiceRuntime; System.Runtime.Serialization;
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Once you touch a picture to view, you can swipe through your pictures to see all the pictures in the Camera Roll.
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Most of the chapters in this part of the book have been focused on classes, one use of which is to create custom reference types. The C# struct feature allows you to create your own value types. Structs can use many of the same features as classes but have some special constraints and demonstrate value-type behavior. In this section, I ll show you how to create and use structs and explain how they differ from classes.
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BookBinding.cs, and BookDetails.cs, all of which are in the Web11 project.
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Additional Information About Structs
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Specifications: SOAP Message Security 1.0 OASIS Web Services Security Standards Specifications (March 2004) Located at OASIS Web Services Security TC
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} public string[] GetModifiedFields(Type classType) { IList<string> resultList = new List<string>(); FieldInfo[] fields = classType.GetFields(); foreach (FieldInfo fi in fields) { if (Attribute.IsDefined(fi, typeof(T))) { resultList.Add(fi.Name); } } return resultList.ToArray(); } public bool TestForFieldAttribute(object obj, string fieldName) { return TestForFieldAttribute(obj.GetType(), fieldName); } public T GetFieldAttribute(object obj, string fieldName) { return GetFieldAttribute(obj.GetType(), fieldName); } public string[] GetModifiedFields(object obj) { return GetModifiedFields(obj.GetType()); } } You need to know the name of the field that you want to test for, which you specify as a string parameter. Once again, I have included versions of the methods that work with object as well as System.Type parameters. Here is an example of testing for the Obsolete attribute on the field called MultiplierField: using System; class FieldTest { static void Main(string[] args) { // create an Attribute Tester for the attribute we are interested in AttributeTester<ObsoleteAttribute> attrTester = new AttributeTester<ObsoleteAttribute>(); // check to see whether the attribute has been applied to a field bool fieldTest = attrTester.TestForFieldAttribute(typeof(Calculator), "MultiplierField"); if (fieldTest) { // the attribute is defined - get the instance of the attribute ObsoleteAttribute attr = attrTester.GetFieldAttribute(typeof(Calculator), "MultiplierField"); // write out the properties of the attribute Console.WriteLine("Attribute: message: {0}, error: {1}",
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Web services have no reason to exist unless they are being used by clients. In this step, you generate a proxy class file based on the Web service WSDL document so that clients know how to call your Web service, and what messages and data types will be exchanged. The wsdl.exe command-line tool will automatically generate this proxy class for you based on the WSDL document. And Visual Studio .NET will automatically generate the WSDL document for you, so no manual work is required. You can actually skip this step if you are developing with Visual Studio .NET, because it will dynamically generate the proxy class file for you when you add a Web reference (for your Web service) to a client project. However, I prefer to manually generate the proxy class file so that I can either alter it or have it ready for clients who are using a development tool without code generating wizards.
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Beneath the MultiView control in Figure 10-10 is a Label control with its ForeColor set to Red. The purpose behind this control is to allow the page to display error text to the user in the case of an exception. As you ll see, the data access code uses try...catch blocks to catch exceptions that occur during any data updates (insert, update, or delete). The text of the exception is displayed in ErrorLabel so it is visible to the user.
After you have created a socket object, you are able to initiate a connection to a (remote) server with the Connect method of your socket. Your .NET Micro Framework application is thereby the client application. The connection establishment takes place synchronously, so your client application will be blocked until a connection is available. public void Connect(EndPoint remoteEP); Take note of the remoteEP parameter of the abstract type System.Net.EndPoint in the signature of the Connect method. For IP connections, you need to pass an instance of the System.Net.IPEndPoint class to the Connect method. IPEndPoint contains the IP address and the communication port, and it is derived from EndPoint. You can create an IPEndPoint object with one of the following two constructors: public IPEndPoint(long address, int port) public IPEndPoint(IPAddress address, int port)
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