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Using the ZedGraph Library Charting Engine
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IEasingFunction Defines the easing function applied to the generated animations. string Gets or sets the starting state. If this property is not specified, the transition will be from any state within the state group to the state specified in the To property. Gets or sets the name of the state to transition to. Gets or sets the name of the storyboard that describes the behavior of the state transition. If no storyboard is specified, the Storyboard property of the VisualState class describes the behavior.
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I believe it is important, when possible, to offer choices between performance and maintainability/simplicity. This allows individual application designers to make choices based on the needs of their specific organization and application. This type of choice, enabling you to trade off one cost/benefit for another, can be found in many places throughout CSLA .NET.
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For example, the following code shows class MyData, which implements two interfaces: IDataStore and IDataRetrieve. Figure 17-4 illustrates the implementation of the multiple interfaces in class MyData. interface IDataRetrieve { int GetData(); interface IDataStore { void SetData( int Interface Interface class MyData: IDataRetrieve, IDataStore { int Mem1; public int GetData() { return public void SetData( int x ) { Mem1 = } } x ); } // Declare interface // Declare interface
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Using Indexed Properties
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// Get the type.
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CHAPTER 9: FontShuffle
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#11 10:34:28.656 GET /tiles/r021230000.png g=15 HTTP/1.1 Accept: */* Referer: http://localhost:4611/chapter9/Default.aspx Accept-Language: en-us Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; . NET CLR 2.0.50727; WinFX RunTime 3.0.50727) Host: Connection: Keep-Alive
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The typeof operator is also called by the GetType method, which is available for every object of every type. For example, the following code retrieves the name of the type of the object: class SomeClass { ... } class Program { static void Main() { SomeClass s = new SomeClass(); Console.WriteLine("Type s: {0}", s.GetType().Name); } } This code produces the following output:
Like the ReadOnlyBase class, ReadOnlyListBase is quite simple. It is designed to make it easy for a business developer to create a business collection that doesn t allow items to be added or removed. Presumably, it will be used to contain read-only child objects, but any type of child object is allowed. Read-only collections do support data binding, authorization, and persistence. The ReadOnlyListBase class is defined like this: [Serializable] public abstract class ReadOnlyListBase<T, C> : Core.ReadOnlyBindingList<C>, Csla.Core.IReadOnlyCollection, ICloneable, Server.IDataPortalTarget where T : ReadOnlyListBase<T, C> Like BusinessListBase, it accepts two generic type parameters. Type T is constrained to be a subclass of this base class and refers to the type of the collection being created. Type C is the type of the child object to be contained within the collection, and it can be any type. Again, it would make the most sense for the child type to be some form of read-only object, but that s not required by the collection class. A business collection would be declared like this: [Serializable] public class CustomerList : Csla.ReadOnlyListBase<CustomerList, CustomerInfo> { } This indicates that the collection contains child objects of type CustomerInfo.
Creating Exception Chains
List<T> adds a number of convenience methods for adding and removing items and extracting ranges of items from the collection. Table 19-5 summarizes these methods. Table 19-5. Members for Adding, Retrieving and Removing Items
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