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The business framework will provide support for both Windows integrated security and custom authentication, in which you define how the user s credentials are validated and the user s profile data and roles are loaded. This custom security is a model that you can adapt to use any existing security tables or services that already exist in your organization. The framework will rely on Windows itself to handle impersonation when using Windows integrated or AD security, and will handle impersonation itself when using custom authentication.
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The forwardSpeed variable indicates the length of the Forward component of the Velocity vector. You multiply this value by the Forward direction and store this as the new Velocity vector. This way, you are sure the Model will move along its Forward direction only.
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The V$SYS_OPTIMIZER_ENV view indicates the systemwide default cost-based optimizer parameters that are inherited by sessions as connections are made to the database instance. The V$SES_OPTIMIZER_ENV view indicates the session-level cost-based optimizer parameters used when parsing SQL statements. Comparing V$SYS_OPTIMIZER_ENV to V$SES_OPTIMIZER_ENV for each session permits an easy method to determine session-modified parameters that may impact the query optimizer, potentially resulting in excessive numbers of child cursors for the same SQL statement. Setting Oracle event 10132 at the session level or system level causes execution plans, and the optimizer parameters influencing those execution plans, to be written to a trace file during every hard parse. For example: SQL> ALTER SESSION SET TRACEFILE_IDENTIFIER = "sql_hard_parse_plans"; SQL> ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS "10132 TRACE NAME CONTEXT FOREVER, LEVEL 1"; SQL> VARIABLE N1 NUMBER SQL> VARIABLE N2 NUMBER SQL> EXEC :N1 := 1 SQL> EXEC :N2 := 100 SQL> SELECT 2 T3.C1, T4.C2 3 FROM 4 T3, T4 5 WHERE 6 T3.C1 BETWEEN :N1 AND :N2 7 AND T3.C1=T4.C1; SQL> ALTER SESSION SET EVENTS "10132 TRACE NAME CONTEXT OFF";
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This process provides, as expected by its name, a general task execution thread for the database. The main goal of this process is to offload potentially blocking processing (processing that would cause a process to stop while it occurs) from some other process and perform it in the background. For example, if the main ASM process needs to perform some blocking file operation, but that operation could safely be done in the background (ASM can safely continue processing before the operation completes), then the ASM process may request the GEN0 process to perform this operation and let GEN0 notify it upon completion. It is similar in nature to the slave processes described further below.
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XAML Element Data Binding / Element-to-Element Binding
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Behaviors (enabled via attributes or configuration)
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If you try to create a custom name that s the same as a field name in the source data, you see the error message PivotTable field name already exists. In this example, because one of the fields in the source data is named Quantity, you can t use Quantity as a custom name in the pivot table. However, you can avoid this problem, by adding a space character to the end of the custom name (see Figure 6-6), and it will be accepted.
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Figure 6-5. Statistics and achievements in Smiles
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TIP: Sometimes the problem can be as simple as the fact your password has changed. If this is the case, then make sure to correct your password on your iPod touch for your sync settings. These are found by tapping your Settings icon, then tapping Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Finally, tap the account name and adjust the password.
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