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Downloading and Installing the Facebook App
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The preceding section discussed the accounts installed by Oracle, but this is only half of the problem. The second half is all the accounts that you, the customer, have created in the database. The use.sql script can be used again, but this time with a different input parameter. Set the parameter to C to get a detailed analysis of the custom installation accounts. Listing 14-9 demonstrates the running of the use.sql script.
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public class PhoneNumberSchemaImporterExtension : SchemaImporterExtension { public override string ImportSchemaType(string name, string ns, XmlSchemaObject context, XmlSchemas schemas, XmlSchemaImporter importer, CodeCompileUnit compileUnit, CodeNamespace mainNamespace, CodeGenerationOptions options, CodeDomProvider codeProvider) { //Searching for the type name and the namespace we set with XmlRoot if (name.Equals("PhoneNumber") && ns.Equals("http://phoneNumber/")) { compileUnit.ReferencedAssemblies.Add("SchemaImp.dll"); mainNamespace.Imports.Add(new CodeNamespaceImport("NumberLib")); return "NumberLib.PhoneNumber"; } else return null; } } The ImportSchemaType method will be called for every type processed by the proxy generator. Only when you find your type do you take action by adding a reference to the assembly where the PhoneNumber type lives, adding an imports for the namespace, and returning the fully qualified name of the type to the proxy generator. For all other types you return null, which causes the generator to continue with its default behavior. Assign a license file so your type gets a strong name, compile the code, and put the resulting assembly in the GAC. It has to be in the GAC, because you re not modifying behavior within the context of a project, you re modifying it on the entire machine. The type has to be in the GAC so that wsdl.exe or Visual Studio .NET can find it from wherever the developer is generating proxy code. Because it s a machine-wide behavior you re changing, you also have to make an entry in the machine.config. Make this entry as a child of the configuration element, but after configsections. <system.xml.serialization> <schemaImporterExtensions> <add name="PhoneNumber" type="SchemaImp.PhoneNumberSchemaImporterExtension, SchemaImp, Version=... </schemaImporterExtensions> </system.xml.serialization>
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Listing 6-27. A Helper Function for Setting the Frames per Second in UnixTime.c
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Putting on the Finishing Touches
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The MainView contains not only a GridView control, but also a LinkButton control named AddRoleButton. This button allows the user to add a new Role object to the Roles collection. To do this, the current View is changed to InsertView: Protected Sub AddRoleButton_Click( _ ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) _ Handles AddRoleButton.Click
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The first object discussed in the chapter was Project, and I covered all the code in that class except for the Exists() command implementation. Many objects can benefit from implementation of an Exists() command, as it allows the UI to quickly and easily determine if a given object s data is in the database without having to fully instantiate the object itself. Ideally, a UI developer could write conditional code like this: if (Project.Exists(productId)) Implementing an Exists() command also provides an opportunity to make use of Csla.CommandBase to create a command object. This makes sense, since all an Exists() command needs to do is run a stored procedure in the database and report on the result.
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// Property Interval is of type double, and specifies the number of // milliseconds between when its event is raised. MyPrivateTimer.Interval = 1000; // 1 second interval.
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Listing 7-3. The Second Generated Class for the Web Service
Figure 4-6. Creating a root object with an object factory The RunLocal attribute can be applied to methods of an object factory and will have the same effect as it would on DataPortal_Create(), assuming the assembly containing the object factory class is deployed to the client workstation. To the UI code, of course, there s no difference; that code just calls the factory method and gets an object back: Dim root = Root.NewRoot() For the business object, most of the work occurs in the DataPortal_Create() method, where the object s values are initialized. The use of a criteria object is optional; the DataPortal.Create() method is overloaded to accept no parameter or criteria object parameter.
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