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When I set out to create the architecture and framework discussed in this book, I started with the following set of high-level guidelines: Simplify the task of creating object-oriented applications in a distributed .NET environment. The Windows, web, and Web Services interface developer should never see or be aware of SQL, ADO.NET, or other raw data concepts, but should instead rely on a purely objectoriented model of the problem domain. Business object developers should be able to use natural coding techniques to create their classes that is, they should employ everyday coding using fields, properties, and methods. Little or no extra knowledge should be required. The business classes should provide total encapsulation of business logic, including validation, manipulation, calculation, security, and data access. Everything pertaining to an entity in the problem domain should be found within a single class. It should be relatively easy to create code generators, or templates for existing code generation tools, to assist in the creation of business classes. Provide an n-layer logical architecture that can be easily reconfigured to run on one to four physical tiers. Use complex features in .NET but those should be largely hidden and automated (remoting, serialization, security, deployment, and so forth). The concepts present in version 1.x of the framework from the .NET 1.x Framework should carry forward, including object-undo capabilities, broken rule tracking, and object-state tracking (IsNew, IsDirty, IsDeleted). In this chapter, I ll focus on the design of a framework that allows business developers to make use of object-oriented design and programming with these guidelines in mind. Having walked through the design of the framework, s 3 through 5 will dive in and implement the framework itself, focusing first on the parts that support UI development, and then on providing scalable data access and object-relational mapping for the objects. Before I get into the design of the framework, however, let s discuss some of the specific goals I was attempting to achieve.
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Note When enabling PivotTable report use, you can t control which pivot table features are allowed. If you
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generic Exists generic Find generic FindAll generic FindIndex generic FindLast generic FindLastIndex generic ForEach GetEnumerator GetHashCode GetLength GetLongLength
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Ensure that Enable Selection is turned on, and click at the top of a column of Row Labels, to select all the labels for that field. Click the Align Text Left button on the Home tab of the Ribbon, to change the alignment for all the selected labels.
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Load the texture into this variable as explained in recipe 3-1 by putting the following line in the LoadContent method: myTexture = content.Load<Texture2D>("billboardtexture"); Next, you will want to add a simple method that allows you to easily add billboards to your scene: private void AddBillboards() { billboardList.Add(new Vector4(-20, -10, 0, 10)); billboardList.Add(new Vector4(0, 0, 0, 5)); billboardList.Add(new Vector4(20, 10, 0, 10)); } For now, this method adds only three billboards to the scene. As the fourth component indicates, you want the size of the middle billboard to be four times smaller than that of the code data matrix
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The website references the ProjectTracker.Library project as shown in Figure 11-7. This causes Visual Studio to automatically put the associated Csla.dll files into the Bin directory as well, because Csla.dll is referenced by ProjectTracker.Library.
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unique task forms for each task in your workflow. You just need to specify the correct information for each task in your deployment files.
Figure 3-21. Course outline as delivered via e-mail If you ve ever created a Custom Control, you know that the Render method expects an instance of an HtmlTextWriter. This type is handy for easing the programmatic generation of HTML. In this case, it s the key to capturing the output stream. The first couple of lines of code create an instance of the HtmlTextWriter, but instead of using the IIS output stream, it uses a StringBuilder and a StringWriter. This effectively has all of the controls send their output into the character buffer of the string builder instead of down the output stream. The next line simply calls Render and passes the HtmlTextWriter. The next few lines create and configure the mail message that will contain the rendered output. Notice the BodyFormat property is being set to MailFormat.Html. Failure to do this will send raw markup as the body of your mail message (although your users will see this anyway if their mail clients do not support HTML e-mail, but that s sooo 20th century). The body of the message is created by converting the StringBuilder s buffer into a string. The last very important point to notice is that the processing is then terminated by calling Response.End, but not before a little JavaScript gets sent down the pipe instructing the dialog to close itself. You can also terminate the process by redirecting the user to another page. You cannot allow the Page to enter its rendering process again, as the Page has already rendered and will throw an exception if asked to do so a second time.
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