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This method gets passed two pointers. The first is a pointer to the accelerometer object itself, and the next is to a UIAcceleration object that contains information about how the device is oriented in 3-D space. For now, we re just logging the x, y, and z properties of that acceleration object. Note that, from this point on, you ll actually need to run the game on a real iPhone or iPod Touch, because at the time of this writing, the simulator does not simulate the accelerometer. When you get it up and running on your device, you should see a long list of output statements like this (they re all on a single line if there is space in the console):
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In discussing actions and conditions, we have several times referenced workflow variables. Workflow variables are no different from other programming variables they store a value (or values) for later use. They can be set by the workflow originator when they initiate a workflow, set as part of a task assignment during a workflow step, or set programmatically by the workflow itself. They are useful for collecting and storing values for use later in the workflow. At the bottom of every screen in the Workflow Designer wizard is the Variables button. This button provides access to the Variables Editor, as shown in Figure 4-4.
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bge.s <int8> (0x2F). The short-parameter form of bge. bge.un <int32> (0x41). Branch if greater or equal. Integer values are interpreted as unsigned; floating-point values are compared unordered. bge.un.s <int8> (0x34). The short-parameter form of bge.un. bgt <int32> (0x3D). Branch if greater. bgt.s <int8> (0x30). The short-parameter form of bgt. bgt.un <int32> (0x42). Branch if greater. Integer values are interpreted as unsigned; floating-point values are compared unordered. bgt.un.s <int8> (0x35). The short-parameter form of bgt.un. ble <int32>(0x3E). Branch if less or equal. ble.s <int8> (0x31). The short-parameter form of ble. ble.un <int32> (0x43). Branch if less or equal. Integer values are interpreted as unsigned; floating-point values are compared unordered. ble.un.s <int8> (0x36). The short-parameter form of ble.un. blt <int32> (0x3F). Branch if less. blt.s <int8> (0x32). The short-parameter form of blt. blt.un <int32> (0x44). Branch if less. Integer values are interpreted as unsigned; floating-point values are compared unordered. blt.un.s <int8> (0x37). The short-parameter form of blt.un.
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then we get the following output from the TextWriterTraceListener when running the example: Fail: Bad parameter value The second parameter is 0
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Listing 19-3 demonstrates how to specify the initial data elements for the collection at construction. You can see this when I create the List<T> instances list1 and list2. This is a very useful feature for small sets of data, such as we will use in the examples in this chapter. Compiling and running the code in Listing 19-3 gives us the following results: Combined List List item: apple List item: orange List item: cherry List item: mango GetRange List List item: orange List item: cherry InsertRange List List item: apple List item: orange List item: cherry List item: orange List item: cherry List item: mango Removed value orange List item: apple List item: cherry List item: orange List item: cherry List item: mango RemoveRange List List item: cherry List item: mango Press enter to finish
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The warehouse manager has asked you for a report that shows the product quantities for orders with future ship dates. In your pivot table, ShipDate is in the Report Filter area, Product is in the Row Labels area, and Units is in the Values area.
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The initialization parameter shared_pool_reserved_size controls the size of the shared pool reserved area.
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The Font settings are contained within their own group, which you have to expand by clicking the arrow to the left of the property name. Your design surface should look like Figure 34-9 once you have made the changes in this and the previous section.
that Dialog to DEFAULT_MODALITY_TYPE. DEFAULT_MODALITY_TYPE happens to equate to APPLICATION_MODAL. This keeps all historical code valid, although new code should use the new setModalityType() method instead. As far as the constructors go, if you don t explicitly specify a modality, the initial modality is DEFAULT_MODALITY_TYPE. If you specify a boolean modality, you get the same settings as calling setModal() with that boolean value. The last option is explicitly setting the modality, which has the obvious effect. What do all the different types mean The obvious one is MODELESS. That has the same effect as it did before Mustang. A modeless dialog box will not block input to any other window of the application. Another modal dialog box could block input to it, but a modeless one will have no effect on another. The APPLICATION_MODAL setting is the next to describe, as it equates directly to the modality behavior of pre-Mustang code. All windows of the application that does not have the modal dialog box in its owner hierarchy will be blocked from getting focus. This means that new windows that are created from the modal dialog can accept input, but new windows created from other preexisting windows cannot. It s with the last two, DOCUMENT_MODAL and TOOLKIT_MODAL, that life gets interesting. DOCUMENT_MODAL allows you to have different sets of windows that are modal. For instance, you can have a modal application window that calls up a help window. Provided the help window has a different top-level window that is not part of the main application hierarchy, it can be modal and create other modal windows whose modality is separate from the main window and any modal dialogs the main window creates. This is a common need when utilizing the JavaHelp library, in which you always want to be able to interact with help, even when the current window is modal. However, it never worked right prior to support for DOCUMENT_MODAL, as they had different owner hierarchies. The last option is TOOLKIT_MODAL. Think of TOOLKIT_MODAL as APPLICATION_MODAL, but where the application is the browser. This typically allows one applet in a browser to be modal, blocking other applets from accepting input. This is because all the applets are loaded with the same system toolkit. Your applet must have AWTPermission.toolkitModality enabled for TOOLKIT_MODAL to work. In addition to setting the modality type of a window, you can set the modal exclusion type via the setModalExclusionType() method of Window. This method accepts one of the three values from the Dialog.ModalExclusionType enumeration, shown in Table 4-4.
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