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Making the Method Fail-Safe
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a.x, f(x), a[x], x++, x--, new, typeof, checked, unchecked +, -, !, ~, ++x, --x, (T)x *, /, % +, <<, >> <, >, <=, >=, is, as ==, != & ^
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MSMQ Listener
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When using the Field<T> extension method, T is the type you want the value to be cast to. That s why I use Field<string> to get the FirstName value. Compiling and running Listing 31-6 produces the following results: There are 4 DataRows in the DataTable Result - Name: Steven Buchanan, City: London Result - Name: Michael Suyama, City: London Result - Name: Robert King, City: London Result - Name: Anne Dodsworth, City: London Press enter to finish
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// Return reference to local variable. // -- avoid R% GetTrackingRef_Bad() { R r; return r; // compiler warning }
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This chapter concluded with a brief look at how to generate and work with WSDL documents. In the following two chapters, we will give you a detailed look at how to build message-oriented Web services and how to work with WSDL documents and XSD schema definition files.
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Table 4-17. Key Properties of the VideoCaptureDevice Class
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Suppose, however, that you set two bit flags instead of one, as in the following code: // Set two bit flags. ops = CardDeckSettings.SingleDeck | CardDeckSettings.Animation; Console.WriteLine( ops.ToString() ); // Print what The resulting value of ops is 9, where 1 is from the SingleDeck flag, and 8 is from the Animation flag. In the second line, when ToString attempts to look up the value in the list of enum members, it finds that there is no member with the value 9 so it just returns the string representing 9. The resulting output is the following:
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Getting Field Values
The final value maintained by ApplicationContext is a property called ExecutionLocation. This property can be used by business code to determine whether it is currently executing on the client or on the server. This is particularly useful when writing data access code, since that code could run on either the client or the server, depending on whether the channel adapter uses LocalProxy or one of the remote proxies. Remember that LocalProxy is designed such that the server-side code runs on the client! The property value is of type ExecutionLocations, defined by the following enumerated type: public enum ExecutionLocations { Client, Server } The ExecutionLocation value is global to both the client and server, so it is stored in a static field. This is shared by all threads on the server, but that s OK because it will always return the Server value when on the server, and Client when on the client. private static ExecutionLocations _executionLocation = ExecutionLocations.Client; public static ExecutionLocations ExecutionLocation { get { return _executionLocation; } } The value defaults to Client. This is fine, as it should only be set to Server in the case that the Csla.Server.DataPortal class explicitly sets it to Server. Recall that in that DataPortal class there s a SetContext() method that only runs in the case that the server-side components really are running on the server. In that case, it calls the SetExecutionLocation() method on ApplicationContext: internal static void SetExecutionLocation(ExecutionLocations location) { _executionLocation = location; } This way, the value is set to Server only when the code is known to physically be executing in a separate AppDomain, process, and probably computer, from the client. At this point, you have walked through all the various types and classes used to implement the core mobile object and data access functionality in the framework.
Note You can find the UDP server and client sample projects in this chapter s directory in the Sockets
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