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The foreach Statement with Multidimensional Arrays
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SPR_VIEWSCREEN is part of an enumeration of the sprite numbers, which we ve kept in SpaceHikeAppDelegate.h. To add a new sprite to the game, you add its name to the enumeration list and add a new LoadTextureImage line for it.
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Identifiers are character strings used to name things such as variables, methods, parameters, and a host of other programming constructs that will be covered later. You can create self-documenting identifiers by concatenating meaningful words into a single descriptive name, using uppercase and lowercase letters (e.g., CardDeck, PlayersHand, FirstName, SocSecurityNum). Certain characters are allowed or disallowed at certain positions in an identifier. These rules are illustrated in Figure 2-2. The alphabetic and underscore characters (a through z, A through Z, and _) are allowed at any position. Digits are not allowed in the first position, but are allowed everywhere else. The @ character is allowed in the first position of an identifier, but not anywhere else. The use of the @ character, although allowed, is discouraged for general use.
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AddDrawableModel methods, which are needed anyway. In reality, you won t want to delete and create a new object each time you need to update a World matrix. Instead, you ll want some other kind of mechanism, for example, storing all matrices in one big list, so you can directly update its contents from within your main program.
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Declares that the publicly exposed members should be checked by the compiler for compliance with the CLS. Compliant assemblies can be used by any .NETcompliant language. Declares that the construct can be serialized. Declares that the construct cannot be serialized. Declares that the construct should not be used. The compiler also produces a compile-time warning or error message, if the construct is used. Declares that the implementation is unmanaged code. Declares that the method should be exposed as part of an XML web service. Declares what types of program constructs the attribute can be applied to. This attribute is applied to attribute declarations.
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> wsgen -cp . net.zukowski.revealed.HelloService
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The if...else statement implements a two-way branch. The syntax for the if...else statement is shown here, and is illustrated in Figure 9-2. If TestExpr evaluates to true, Statement1 is executed. If it evaluates to false, Statement2 is executed instead. if( TestExpr ) Statement1 else Statement2
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Only classes or structs can implement an interface. As shown in the Sort example, to implement an interface, a class or struct must Include the name of the interface in its base class list Supply implementations for each of the interface s members reading barcode 128
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To view your bookmarks, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. Tap the Bookmarks icon next to the search window in the top row. Tap any bookmark to immediately jump to it. Tap the Edit button at the top of the bookmarks to edit or delete bookmarks. Tapping this button lets you accomplish the following tasks: To reorder the bookmarks, touch and drag the right edge of each bookmark up or down. To edit the name of a bookmark, touch it and retype the name. After editing the name, touch the Bookmarks button in the top left to get back to your list of bookmarks. To delete a bookmark, swipe to the left or right on the bookmark, and tap the Delete button. Tap the Done button when you are finished editing your bookmarks.
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