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simultaneously, there should be sufficient I/O channels from the disk to the computer to retrieve the data from disk in parallel, and so on. If you have a small task, as generally typified by the queries carried out in an OLTP system, or you have insufficient available resources, again as is typical in an OLTP system where CPU and I/O resources are often already used to their maximum, then parallel execution is not something you ll want to consider. So you can better understand this concept, I present the following analogy.
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The Clustering Factor
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You can see from the results that the static constructor is called only once. Static constructors can only use static fields and properties in the containing class and call static methods, although you can create instances of other classes and assign these to static fields and properties. You don t have to call the base static constructor from a derived class. The static constructors are all executed automatically. The code statements in a static constructor are executed when a static member is called. This includes static methods, meaning that the static constructor is called before the code statements in a Main method; see The Main Method section earlier in the chapter for details of this special method.
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However, there s another angle to this question that you need to consider before making a decision, and that s the consumer. Consumers don t reference an entire virtual root; they reference a specific web service (asmx file). The more granular you make the web service classes, the more different references the developer of the consumer will need to make in order to use the web methods. Because of this, I prefer to group related web methods into web service classes based on the likely usage pattern of consumer developers. Since the web methods will all be related within the context of the ProjectTracker application, I m following basic component design concepts; and since the web services are an interface to the application, I m also taking into account the needs of the end user (the consumer application developer). For the ProjectTracker sample application, this means putting all the web methods into a single web service class. They are all related to each other, so they naturally fit into a component. More importantly, it s likely that any consumer will be dealing with both projects and resources, and there s no sense in forcing the consumer developer to establish two separate references just to use all the web methods.
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This is a frequently asked but easily answered question. The presence of indexes (or the fact that a table is an index-organized table) may affect the amount of undo generated dramatically, as indexes are complex data structures and may generate copious amounts of undo information. That said, an INSERT will, in general, generate the least amount of undo, since all Oracle needs to record for this is a rowid to delete. An UPDATE is typically second in the race (in most cases). All that needs to be recorded are the changed bytes. It is most common that you UPDATE some small fraction of the entire row s data. Therefore, a small fraction of the row must be remembered in the undo. Many of the previous examples run counter to this rule of thumb, but that s because they update large, fixedsized rows and they update the entire row. It is much more common to UPDATE a row and change a small percentage of the total row. A DELETE will, in general, generate the most undo. For a DELETE, Oracle must record the entire row s before image into the undo segment. The previous temporary table example, with regard to redo generation, demonstrated that fact: the DELETE generated the most redo, and since the only logged element of the DML operation on a temporary table is the undo, we in fact observed that the DELETE generated the most undo. The INSERT generated very little undo that needed to be logged. The UPDATE generated an amount equal to the before image of the data that was changed, and the DELETE generated the entire set of data written to the undo segment. As previously mentioned, you must also take into consideration the work performed on an index. You ll find that an update of an unindexed column not only executes much faster, it also tends to generate significantly less undo than an update of an indexed column. For example, we ll create a table with two columns, both containing the same information, and index one of them: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> create table t 2 as 3 select object_name unindexed, 4 object_name indexed 5 from all_objects
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Whenever possible, database access should be performed through stored procedures. Stored procedures offer powerful security control over the database and perhaps most importantly provide an abstraction layer between the physical structure of the database and the logical way in which it is used. The business objects created in s 17 and 18 will make use of stored procedures for their database interaction. I think this is true, even though you may use LINQ to SQL or other technologies to access the database. At the same time, technologies like LINQ to SQL offer flexible query capabilities that are nice to use. So I typically compromise, using LINQ to SQL to query for data, and using stored procedures (called through LINQ to SQL) for insert, update, and delete operations. You can use Server Explorer to add the stored procedures to the database by right-clicking the Stored Procedures node under the database and choosing Add New Stored Procedure. This brings up a designer window in which you can write the stored procedure code. When you close the designer, the stored procedure will be added to the database. Let s look at the stored procedures we ll need, starting with addProject.
Properties can also be declared static. Accessors of static properties, like all static members Cannot access instance members of a class although they can be accessed by them Exist regardless of whether there are instances of the class Must be referenced by the class name, rather than an instance name, when being accessed from outside the class
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