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Unfortunately, I got a D in trigonometry, so even simple Newtonian particle physics are beyond me. Luckily, smart people wrote this stuff down a long time ago, and C looks enough like math that you can write a particle engine in an afternoon without knowing a damn thing about the physics. But should you If you re looking for a good time, by all means, create a particle engine. I was, and I did, and it was a blast. You ll get a vivid demonstration of a solution that s perfectly suitable, but too computationally expensive to be feasible.
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The GridView isn t used to insert new ProjectResource child objects, so ResourcesDataSource will never raise its InsertObject method. Users are allowed to assign a new user to the project by clicking a LinkButton control. In that case, the MultiView is changed to display AssignView so that the user can select the resource to be assigned:
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Host Technology
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Managing the performance of your application SQL doesn t start when your users begin to complain. It starts before the first statement is ever written. It starts when the business tasks that your application will need to service are defined. On a time line, that starting point and the first user complaint about performance could be quite far apart. But I absolutely believe that you have to start by considering your user s experience. If you start by thinking of how your user will experience your application, this implies that managing SQL performance is first about a mindset, not a dataset. Your mindset is, in part, related to the set of rules you ve internalized. But it s also about your beliefs and feelings related to what performance is and means. Do you think managing performance is hard Do you think managing performance is, or isn t, your responsibility Do you think performance is something to think about later, when, or if, problems arise Do you think managing performance is about avoiding catastrophes or about envisioning possibilities Sometimes your mindset is influenced by your job description. If you have not specifically been tasked with performance as a concern, you may likely ignore, or at the very least minimize, your role in ensuring optimal performance of the SQL you write. But regardless of your defined job role, I do believe that effective SQL performance management starts with your mindset. It s how you view your role and the contributions you make in regard to the performance of your code that makes the difference between an optimally performing application and a poorly performing one.
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switch (com) { case SerialPort.Serial.COM1: rxPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin0; txPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1; break; case SerialPort.Serial.COM2: rxPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin2; txPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin3; break; default: rxPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE; txPin = Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE; break; } } } } You can register a custom hardware provider with the following line of code: HardwareProvider.Register(new MyHardwareProvider()); With the preceding MyHardwareProvider hardware provider shown, the following code would cause a runtime error: SerialPort.Configuration config = new SerialPort.Configuration(SerialPort.Serial.COM1, SerialPort.BaudRate.Baud9600, false); SerialPort serialPortA = new SerialPort(config); SerialPort serialPortB = new SerialPort(config); //will fail If the serialPortA resources were freed with the Dispose method before serialPortB was created, no exception would be thrown. The Dispose method of SerialPort frees the used resources of the serial port and releases the pin reservation. Let s look at another sample of a pin sharing conflict: SerialPort.Configuration config = new SerialPort.Configuration(SerialPort.Serial.COM1, SerialPort.BaudRate.Baud9600, false); SerialPort serialPortA = new SerialPort(config); //reserves Pin 0 und 1 for COM1 OutputPort outputPort = new OutputPort(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1, false); When creating GPIO ports, the used pins are reserved and released with Dispose again. Also, pins can be reserved manually with the ReservePin static method of the Port class: Port.ReservePin(Cpu.Pin.GPIO_Pin1, true);
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Member of a Type
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Defining a Relational Database Table
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