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Obviously, there are serious issues with giving other people access to the application s database especially read-write access. Unless all the business logic is put into stored procedures, this sort of access can t be safely provided. Likewise, there are issues with providing direct access to the business objects. This is safer in some ways, because the objects implement the business logic and validation; but it s problematic from a maintenance perspective. If other people are writing code to interact directly with the business objects, then the objects can t be changed without breaking their code. Since the other people are outside of our control, it means that the project tracker application can never change its object model. Of course, this is totally unrealistic. It is a virtual guarantee that there will be future enhancements and requests for changes to the system, which will undoubtedly require changes to the business objects. Fortunately, Web Services offers a clean solution. If web services are treated just like any another interface (albeit a programmatic one) to the application, they can be used to easily provide access to the application without allowing external programs to directly interact with the application s database or business objects. In 11, I ll revisit these ideas, showing how to implement a set of web services so that external applications can safely interact with the application in a loosely coupled manner.
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17. Accept the association defaults and then click OK. 18. Select the Model Browser tab next to the Solution Explorer tab. 19. Right-click on CustomerModel node and select Generate Database from Model (Figure 8-19).
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The data reader is the low memory footprint, forward-only, read-only method of data access. What it lacks in functionality, it makes up for in performance. By maintaining a low memory footprint, rather than loading the entire result set into the memory space of the web server, you greatly increase the scalability of data access operations using a data reader. It is ideally suited for generating HTML. When the data is being transformed directly into an HTML form or an HTML table, there s no real need to have random access to it in memory. Instead, the data is transformed into markup a row at a time. The markup is retained, but each row of data is discarded after it s processed. You can do almost all data-binding operations with the data reader.
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Not only do applications sometimes need read-only business objects, they also commonly require immutable collections of objects. The ReadOnlyListBase class lets you create strongly typed collections of objects, whereby the object and collection are both read-only: [Serializable] public class StaticList : ReadOnlyListBase<StaticList, ChildType> { } As with ReadOnlyBase, this object supports only the retrieval of data. It has no provision for updating data or handling changes to its data. While the child objects in such a collection may inherit from ReadOnlyBase, they don t have to. More commonly, the child objects in a read-only collection are just simple .NET objects that merely expose read-only properties.
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Select both Button controls on the design surface, and then click the value area of the Command property in the Properties window. Click the arrow that appears, and take a look at the drop-down list. This is shown in Figure 33-22.
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The Code
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Type Conversion Exceptions
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Related .NET Technologies
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The Root of Visual Elements: DependencyObject
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Note Technically, this is a misuse of the Null value, which is intended to differentiate between a value that was never entered and one that s empty. Unfortunately, you re typically left with no choice because there s no way to put an empty date value into a date data type.
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