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GPU Acceleration
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logical architecture to run on various client and server machines. The goal of a good physical architecture is to achieve the best trade-off between performance, scalability, security, and fault tolerance within your specific environment. The trade-offs in a physical architecture for a smart client application are very different from those for a web application. A Windows application will typically trade performance against scalability, and a web application will typically trade performance against security. In this book, I ll be using a 5-layer logical architecture consisting of presentation, UI, business logic, data access, and data storage. Later in the book, this architecture will be used to create Windows, web, and Web Services applications, each with a different physical architecture. The next chapter will start the process of designing the framework that will make this possible.
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Since there are four parameter types, it is sometimes difficult to remember their various characteristics. Table 5-2 summarizes them, making it easier to compare and contrast them. Table 5-2. Summary of Parameter Type Syntactic Usage
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VS2010 allows you to apply a label to a breakpoint, as shown in Figure 2-12. This may be useful to associate it with a particular issue or with grouping in the Breakpoints window. To label a breakpoint, right-click on one and select the Edit labels option. VS2010 will then give you the option of entering a new label for the breakpoint or reusing an existing one.
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well. Certainly, that is how I choose to implement my custom objects, and so PTIdentity maintains the user s roles. This means that PTPrincipal can simply delegate the call to its identity object: public override bool IsInRole(string role) { PTIdentity identity = (PTIdentity)this.Identity; return identity.IsInRole(role); } The result indicates whether the user is in the specified role or not.
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You might be wondering, if you have managed code calling into native code, how errors and exceptions get propagated from native code to managed code. In this section you explore this.
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Now, save your application settings and navigate to the Security tab. Here is where you are (obviously) able to edit the various security settings you ve seen in the chapter. You should be able to verify that that default authentication level (Windows) is enabled, as this is the value found established within machine.config. To set your site s authentication level to Forms, simply click on the Select authentication type link on the leftmost Users column. From the resulting page, select the From the Internet radio button and click the Done button. You should now be back at the main Security page, and at this point, you can specify the initial set of users who can access your site by clicking on the Create User link. Once you do, you are presented with a page that enables you to enter the expected new user credentials. For testing purposes, enter yourself as a new user (see Figure 5-26).
function Button1_onclick() { var testSportsCar = new AJAXBook.SportsCar('Porsche','999','2005','6'); var testImitationSportsCar = new AJAXBook.ImitationSportsCar('Shorspe', '123', '2005'); ProcessCar(testSportsCar); ProcessCar(testImitationSportsCar); return false; }
In Tables E-1 and E-2, 0xff, 0xffff, and 0xffffffff denote hexadecimal numbers, and 99 denotes a decimal number. Table E-1. Metadata Validation Error Codes and Messages
ConfirmButtonExtender Control
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Programs and Classes: A Quick Example
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