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Note In reality, this shouldn t be a common occurrence. Windows Forms 2.0 uses a new interface, ICancelAddNew, that is implemented by BindingList(Of T). This interface notifies the collection that the child should be removed rather than notifying the child object itself. The code in the RemoveItem() method takes care of the ICancelAddNew case automatically, so this code is really here to support backward compatibility for anyone explicitly calling the IEditableObject interface on child objects.
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Immediate deletion occurs when the UI code calls a Shared delete method on the business class, providing parameters that define the object to be deleted: typically, the same criteria that would be used to retrieve the object. Most applications will use immediate deletion for root objects. The sequence of events flows like this: 1. The Shared delete method is called. 2. The Shared delete method calls DataPortal.Delete().
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There are two ways to get items from a collection: the default property and an enumerator. The enumerator is used by the For...Each statement to loop through all items in the collection. Obviously, it too needs to perform a cross-reference process, so a For...Each loop goes through the sorted index and returns the corresponding item from the original collection. There are two steps to this process. First, the custom enumerator class must understand how to perform the cross-reference process. Second, SortedBindingList needs to expose a GetEnumerator() method that returns an instance of this custom enumerator (or the original collection s enumerator if no sort has been applied).
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Introduction to Asynchronous Programming
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Pagination (Top N) Queries
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Easiest Example: Camera in Origin, Rotation Along the Up Vector
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GlobalContext ReturnObject
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