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"row cache lock" &inst_id &dbid to_date("&end_date","YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS") to_date("&begin_date","YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS") &bsnap_id and &esnap_id 0 sql_id, p1, p2, p3
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You ll also see in STL/CLR the constructor that takes a generic interface, IEnumerable<T>, as a parameter. Since all the .NET collections support IEnumerable, this constructor provides an easy way to convert a .NET collection to an STL/CLR container. All the STL/CLR containers support this, except for queue and stack, which have special semantics and cannot be iterated through. Table 12-2 shows the methods available on the STL/CLR vector class. STL/CLR vectors support all the methods of the original STL vector class except max_size and get_allocator. The former is not needed because the maximum size is limited by available virtual memory, and the latter is not needed because memory allocation is handled by the runtime and there is no allocator. In addition to the same methods as the STL vector, the STL/CLR vector provides two properties: front_item and back_item, that can be used to get or set the first or last item in the container. In earlier examples, we ve already seen some basic operations on the vector class including adding an element to the end (vector::push_back) and using the array access (indirection) operator ([]) for random access to individual elements. As you can see in Table 12-2, supported operations for vector also include insertion and deletion, although these have a higher performance cost since they involve copying blocks of the internal array to make room for inserted elements or recompacting the array after deleting an element.
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Table 3-17. Key Properties of the System.Windows.Controls.RadioButton Class
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data dictionary. If you set autotrace on and query SELECT DUMMY FROM DUAL, you ll observe some I/O in all releases of Oracle (consistent gets). In 9i and earlier, if you query SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL or variable := SYSDATE in PL/SQL, you ll also see real I/O occur. However, in Oracle 10g, that SELECT SYSDATE is recognized as not needing to actually query the DUAL table (since you are not asking for the column or rowid from DUAL) and is done in a manner similar to calling a function. Therefore DUAL does not undergo a full table scan only SYSDATE is returned to the application. This small change can dramatically decrease the number of consistent gets a system that uses DUAL heavily performs.
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Metadata and Reflection
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Durability and reliability are the main concerns of the architecture presented in Figure 1-8. MSMQ and COM+ Queued Components are used to accomplish this. Clustering was not an option considering the budget on this example project, and so to provide for availability of the data access layer, MSMQ and database triggers are leveraged to programmatically synchronize the data in these redundant servers. This architecture is based entirely on XML. All of the controls in the user interface represent their state as XML documents, and it s XML that gets packed into the body of the MSMQ messages. Users of this application don t have a very fast connection, so page sizes are kept to a minimum. This means page developers will likely favor caching data on the web server to rebind a control like a grid across postbacks, rather than rely on ViewState to maintain this information on the client (see 4). The data access layer on the web server needs to support asynchronous operations. Commands that modify the data are sent to the data access abstraction layer, which doesn t actually execute the command, but packs the XML representing the request into the body of an MSMQ message. This message is then placed in a queue, and execution continues in the call stack on the web server. This means that the web server responses don t wait for the database work to be done before sending a result to the user. Users see a message that their requests were sent and to check back later for results. See 8 for MSMQ examples. Of course, sometimes synchronous access to the database is critical. When users want to see data, you cannot tell them that a request for the data they want to see has been submitted, and to come back later to see it. For synchronous requests for data, you use a simple timeout listener loop within the data access abstraction layer. This monitors an incoming MSMQ for a correlated result message, sent back from the queue listener when the work has been completed. This architecture makes it very easy to put in a timeout should the request take too long. This timeout period can (and should) be controlled by a configuration file. With a 10-second timeout specified in the configuration file, users get an error or warning message if they wait any longer for a message to appear in the response queue.
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at the end of this recipe.
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using width visual .net to get pdf-417 2d barcode with web,windows application 417 In a surprising but excellent move, late 2008 Microsoft announced that it would be integrating jQuery into Visual Studio. jQuery is used by some very big names such as Amazon, Google, Dell, IBM, and Slashdot (for a full list, please refer to JavaScript is a very powerful language and can produce some amazing results in the right hands. But let s be honest; writing JavaScript can be a painful process. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with JavaScript (apart from unhelpful error messages), but few take the time to learn and understand its intricacies. If you are involved in web development, you will work with JavaScript at some point. jQuery can make your life much easier by providing easy-to-use methods to perform common tasks in a crossbrowser friendly manner.
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Table 3-3. xsd.exe Selected Command-Line Switches
Figure 5-6. Child components and properties
4. The last thing you need to do is to tell printDoc to print, as I have done here:
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