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The Csla.DataPortal class will raise a couple events that can be handled by the business logic or UI code on the client. These events are raised immediately before and after the data portal calls the server. A DataPortalEventArgs object is provided as a parameter to these events. This object includes information of value when handling the event:
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The number of hard and soft parses should be minimized. In many cases, reducing the number of parse calls may be accomplished only through modification of the application source code, but the Oracle RDBMS also offers features that may be used to reduce the impact of application code problems causing excessive hard and/or soft parses. Methods to reduce the number of hard and/or soft parses include the following: Modify the application code to utilize bind variables rather than literals. Not all literals should necessarily be replaced with bind variables. Those literals that do not change from one execution to the next should not be replaced (a literal that always has the value of 10, for instance), and those literals whose values have a significant impact on the number of rows returned (a column with skewed data) also should not be replaced with bind variables. Changing the application to make better use of bind variables will help reduce the number of hard parses. Modify the application code to keep cursors open, pass in new bind variables, and re-execute the SQL statement as needed. This change will help reduce the number of soft parses.
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The following flags are not allowed in the sections of managed files: IMAGE_SCN_SCALE_ INDEX, IMAGE_SCN_NO_DEFER_SPEC_EXC, IMAGE_SCN_LNK_NRELOC_OVFL, and IMAGE_SCN_MEM_SHARED. The IL assembler generates the following sections in a PE file: .text: A read-only section containing the common language runtime header, the metadata, the IL code, managed exception handling information, and managed resources .sdata: A read/write section containing data .reloc: A read-only section containing relocations .rsrc: A read-only section containing unmanaged resources .tls: A read/write section containing thread local storage data
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Contains the types most commonly used by business developers Contains the types that provide core functionality for the framework; not intended for use by business developers Contains the optional types used to support data access operations; often used by business developers, web UI developers, and web service developers Contains the types that support the client-side DataPortal behaviors; used when creating a custom data portal proxy Contains code generated by Visual Studio for the Csla project; not intended for use by business developers Contains the types supporting authorization; used when creating a custom principal object Contains the types supporting the server-side data portal behaviors; not intended for use by business developers Contains the types supporting server-side data portal hosts; used when creating a custom data portal host Contains the types supporting validation and business rules; often used when creating rule methods Contains the CslaDataSource control; used by web UI developers Contains the supporting types for the CslaDataSource control; not intended for use by business developers Contains the Web Services data portal host; not intended for use by business developers Contains controls to assist with Windows Forms data binding; used by Windows UI developers
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Preparing the Application Package and Configuration Package for Deployment
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So far, I ve been focused on the major goals for the framework. Having covered the guiding principles, let s move on to discuss the design of the framework so it can meet these goals. In the rest of this chapter, I ll walk through the various classes that will combine to create the framework. After covering the design, s 3 through 5 will dive into the implementation of the framework code. A comprehensive framework can be a large and complex entity. There are usually many classes that go into the construction of a framework, even though the end users of the framework the business developers only use a few of those classes directly. The framework discussed here and implemented in s 3 through 5 accomplishes the goals I ve just discussed, along with enabling the basic creation of object-oriented n-tier business applications. For any given application or organization, this framework will likely be modified and enhanced to meet specific requirements. This means that the framework will grow as you use and adapt it to your environment. The CSLA .NET framework contains a lot of classes and types, which can be overwhelming if taken as a whole. Fortunately, it can be broken down into smaller units of functionality to better understand how each part works. Specifically, the framework can be divided into the following functional groups:
private bool _IsEdible = true; public bool IsEdible { get { return _IsEdible; } } } } }
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